Devin Franco Interview: The Gay Bottom On Top

This is Devin Franco. It’s not his real name. It’s the one he chose two years ago when he burst all over the gay porn scene. Devin Franco is a name you don’t forget.

I know his birth name, the real one, but he asked me to keep it to myself. I said I would, so I will and that is that. At the moment I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted to. I already forgot.

No. Wait.I remembered…


His birth name is Jesse Tanner Morris.

He was born on July 9th, 1987. And he’s bad.

Before this interview I made him aware that his mug shot was online, so he paid to have it taken off.

«I wasn’t actually ever arrested, just put on probation«, he says.

And that is that, for now. Plus, there’s just so much more to him…


He grew up as a Mormon, and very definitely grew out (very out) of it when he realized he was gay (very gay, by the way).  Then… there’s everything else (and then some more) that he’s eagerly willing to discuss with me in great detail.

So if you think you know him or you haven’t experienced him, take just one good look at this man and I’m betting a few questions come to mind.


Most likely there will be many. I know I certainly had to come hard with an all-you-can-ask strategy.

I’d seen almost every single of of his very adult, very over-the-top bottoming extravaganza videos. I knew he was the real deal. And too real is always a good thing when it comes to performing in porn.

Uninhibited but not a huge talker, humble yet ambitious, Franco is not ever hung up on fame or adult industry politics.


That’s how I started to really come to know Devin: I learned he’s a violinist and a piano-playing creative writer with a talent for working wood. Literally and figuratively.

He’s a cock lover. I mean he really does love it. («Internal cum shots feel like a hot bursting of man milk inside you. What you want to do is take the dick out so you can taste it.», he says)

He starts letting his guard down, his sensibilities awoken. He shows me some tracks he recently improvised and recorded with his cell phone on the piano. They’re actually beautiful and pretty great. He shares a couple of poignant essays with undeniable poetic touches.

It was as if you were meeting Clark Kent for once, after always seeing him as Superman in full action glory. Either way, you’re always going to be very pleasantly surprised.

There is no denying Devin Franco is a guy with many super skills indeed and his main power can be described in just one word.


But in a good way: his work is such a gift to eroticism itself, like a very very adult version of a public service. It really is.

You see, Devin is a total people pleaser. Really and extremely good at it. He’s such a trooper. The guy is so open and shows much enthusiasm. It’s very touching.

Devin’s completely sex positive, and his porn work so far may very well be positively vulgar.

But in a good way…

He’s an artist riding it out and saying «Wake up!, Look at me!«.


His innocent smile is the perfect contrast to the very dirty, filthy and kinky shit going on everywhere else.

From every angle, from every impossibly graphic position, Devin Franco is the only Franco you will need. Trust and believe.

He’s like the portrait of an exceptionally out and proud gorgeous gay man.

It’s not the art piece you’d want decorating an office, certainly. He’s the artist you don’t ever forget.

Watch him on screen once, and his picture will stay forever in your head.

Beautiful smile, eager and pleasing, taking the weight and width of the world: the bigger, the more, the merrier.

He loves it, he flaunts it, and he knows you know. He won’t let you forget it. Not once. And not with that face.

Devin Franco came to come many times again, and to welcome you to join him. This is just the beginning, so now both of you have a lifelong commitment with each other.

You’ll meet here and there. And every single time, you will embrace him because this isn’t some magical creature or a cute fuck-bunny that’s innocent and horny…

This is a very real man. With many interests and a sensitive heart. He’s lived a good life, hasn’t always felt great.

But he’s getting there Devin’s doing Devin more than any other hunk of a man.

He’s living life on his own terms: establishing his own persona as an adult… far from the Mormon Church he grew up in or the carpenter that would design stuff.

He just came back from a 5 week shoot in at least four different countries for Lucas Entertainment. He’ still got one year left in a three-year exclusive deal with the company. (He re-upped with the company for an extra year after his initial two-year exclusive deal was up last year.)

He’s looking forward to staying put some hundred miles west of Albuquerque, his home town. He works out every day, smokes some pot from time to time. He creates things. That’s pretty much it.

Until the next big adventure.

And right here, right now, he’s just going from one adventure to another, triumphant and smiling.


And regarding those super powers? This beautiful creature can out-power the power bottom out of anyone, anywhere at anytime.

He’s also got many brilliant things to say, in case you want to meet the real, exposed, and raw young star.

Let’s just admit that we all absolutely want to.

When did you first discover your amazing superpowers: your award-winning ability to show off… That deep-rooted love for cock and getting fucked by as many dicks possible?

– My inner slut power started when puberty hit.

I was just always wanting to get fucked by every hot guy I saw. I was really thirsty haha. But I wasn’t out and I lived in a small town so I was afraid to act on it or tell anyone.

Exhibitionism is something that you excel at. At the same time a most people can’t pull off feeling comfortable naked, in front of a camera getting fucked by a 12 inch dildo or creampied by four men… that superpower, did you always have it?

– Not at all, I shed my fears in layers over a long period of time. I think I grew up so sheltered that eventually I needed to expose myself for who I really am. To do what I want, say and show what I want. Living any other way wasn’t working for me, it felt like living a lie.

I got caught looking at gay porn quite a few times, but they didn’t believe I was gay they just tried to pray the gay away.

So before March of 2016, you may have not developed your powers to the point where they are now… but that Spunk, Franco, can’t be taught. How have you grown stronger in your un quenched quest for dick in the past 2 years?

– I’ve learned a lot about people and how they operate. Sex is such a primal thing and when you immerse yourself in it, you can start to read people better.

I feel like I’ve become much more in tune with my instincts and understanding why people do what they do. I understand that we are just animals at the end of the day, and animals have behaviors that can be learned and trained.


There is no denying that you’re a textbook definition of a hungry power bottom. That’s a superpower that many never achieve. Why do you think so many men -gay or straight- refuse to let the tiniest finger up there?

– There are a lot of guys who will never admit to wanting to bottom or actually bottoming, especially in the industry. I think it comes from their own perception of what they think is masculine and the idea that to be considered desirable by other gay men you have to be as masculine as possible.

44This usually ends up in overcompensating and insecurities begin to show. I don’t think masculinity has anything to do with your sexual position, it comes from your confidence in being yourself and when you do that the insecurities begin to fall away.

So as far pleasure goes for anyone, the part of your body that gives you all of your pleasure is your brain. So the only way you’re gonna enjoy something is if your head is into it.

If you bottom you have to commit to it and want it and your brain will do the rest. You have to embrace the role of the bottom and need that dick in your ass. Getting fucked or fisted feels great, the pleasure from the pressure on your prostate, the feeling of having someone inside of you and connected to you.

Let’s go back 14 years: 2004. You’re 14 years old. What is that kid like? Is he jerking off already? Is he having sex? Does he know he’s gay? Please tell us everything you remember about that boy about to begin the complicated but beautiful journey into becoming a sexually active homosexual young man?

– 14 year old me is definitely jerking off all the time. No sex, but I know I’m gay. I have high school crushes on every athletic guy, wondering which ones might be gay too. I didn’t date in high school. I went to some dances with some girls, but that was about it. For me I was just going through the motions of what a straight teenager was supposed to do.

I was definitely playing with and shoving things up my hole. Lol anything that looked phallic. Toys, food, random objects

Haha you can put that on the record

How was home life growing up?

– Home life was a lot of time spent with family or going to church. My family’s life revolves around being Mormon. Everything was good except for the fact that being gay and being Mormon doesn’t work. So it was a constant source of depression for me.

I don’t really want to talk about my family on the record though. My relationship with my family is weird. It’s fine in the sense we all love each other. But I don’t interact with them that much.

How come you are so shy sometimes? Where you always like that? Where does it come from?

– Idk why I’m shy. It definitely seems like I inherited it. A lot of people in my family are shy. It depends on the situation and who I’m with I guess. I prefer to observe.

What is something that you believed for a long time to be true and one day realized wasn’t?

– So many things! As soon as we are born we are fed so many lies about the reality of the world. From your parents, to church, school, the state. It’s all designed to control the animal in you. The first thing I lost belief in was the Mormon church. Once you recognize brainwashing for the first time, you start to become aware of the same tactics being used to manipulate people in everyday life. From the advertising we are constantly exposed to, to our social media.

What’s your relationship with pleasure like (sexual, emotional, artistic, professional)? I know you like to give pleasure, but what have been the greatest pleasures in your life until today?

– My greatest pleasure is constantly discovering new things about myself, being myself, and how doing that has completely changed my life to be how I want it. Once I learned to be comfortable with myself life got easy. Not only internally, but everything else in life kind of just started falling into place effortlessly. I think the universe smiles on those who don’t fight their nature.

So as a powerful and hungry bottom you provide a public service: when you’re in front of that lens or in that screen getting fucked out of your mind you bring happiness to millions. That’s a healing and seductive yet NOBLE and BRAVE power. Is it not a public service? Are you not special? (Fuck yeah, you are!). How do you reconcile the shy and awkward sweet boy you are with the out, loud, dick-to-mouth and proud master of his sexuality grown ass man?

– I wouldn’t say millions, but if my social media following is any indicator it’s definitely thousands haha. But I’ve always kind of looked at it like that. I’m just helping people achieve orgasm and we all need one once in awhile. I know I’ve blown countless loads to porn, so I’m giving back haha.

I don’t really reconcile myself with myself. I just am. Even if my personality seems juxtaposed I’m just being the only way I know how to be.

It’s like you’ve got a Clark Kent / Superman thing going, don’t you think?

– I guess having an alter ego is kind of like being a superhero, but when I started doing porn most of my friends were like “finally!” Because once you get to know me I’m not that shy, in fact I don’t have much of a filter.

What’s your kryptonite?

– Spiders are my kryptonite

It’s the year 2015. Take us back: what’s going on in your life? When do you actually start getting proactive about working in the industry and getting you ass in the door. How did you proceed and why Lucas Entertainment?

– I was literally sitting in my room one night, frustrated that I wasn’t ever hearing back from jobs I was applying to. I had always wanted to try porn, and at my last job I remember thinking regularly “I’d rather be doing porn” so I started looking into how to do it.

I started off doing cam modeling, but I quickly lost interest in that medium. Way too much time goes into it for the money you get if you don’t already have a following. Then I looked into studios, and a lot of the major ones have a link on their websites to apply to be a model. So I tried few. Some of them, the page didn’t work right or when I filled out and submitted the application I would get an error.

The only one that worked and responded was Lucas Entertainment. I had applied on a whim and didn’t think anything was actually going to happen from it, but I got contacted the next day asking when I could do a Skype interview.


So you did a Skype audition. Take us step by step through it and the moment you knew you’d won them over?

– I had the interview, they asked my what I was willing to do on camera, wanted to see and examine my body. It felt kind of like a doctors visit via Skype haha. But I found out by the next day they wanted to bring me to a production in NYC. I had a boyfriend at the time who was supportive of me up until it was a reality, so I backed out of the offer to appease him.

But the more I thought about it for a couple months and how close I was to getting what I wanted, I talked to my boyfriend about still wanting to do it. So he became supportive of it again, I talked to Lucas and they invited me out to the next production in Greece.

Again, once it was a reality my boyfriend withdrew his support so we ended up breaking up a couple weeks before my first production. I got my ticket to Greece and I guess the rest is history.

You were signed as an exclusive right off the bat for a multiple-year contract? Tell us what you can about your experience during negotiations. Was ANYONE giving you advice?

– I signed on as an exclusive after my first scene, and I did a total of four scenes in Greece. My original contract was for two years and I extended one more year later on, it just worked for me and what was happening in my life.

Being from New Mexico there’s not a lot happening here in porn, so I saw it as an opportunity to break into the industry and give myself guaranteed work.

I was getting all kinds of advice from people on production about porn in general.

Why did you choose the name Devin Franco? Why don’t you guys go with your actual real names? BTW, care to share yours?

– When I found out I was actually going to be doing porn, I had never thought I’d really be doing it so I never thought about a porn name. I asked a friend how I should come up with it. He asked me who some of my Hollywood crushes were.

Two of the names I listed were Chris Evans and James Franco so I originally chose the name Evan Franco, and then I liked the sound of Devin Franco better so I went with that.

Is it painful or difficult to have to edit yourself according to the setting or the morals of your changing surroundings?

– It is difficult to edit or censor myself depending on who I am around. If I feel like I have to do that or find myself doing it around someone, I tend to avoid interacting with that person.

How was your first day on set like?

– Í was nervous but excited. In hindsight I was a little rigid and stiff for my photoshoots. I hate the pictures from my first shoot. But once I started filming the first scene all of that went away and it went really well. The director asked if I had done porn before and was surprised I hadn’t.


What were the perks of being a Lucas Exclusive?

– Perks of being an exclusive is guaranteed work and more promotion. Supposedly…

Do bottoms, and specially queen bee bottoms like you get paid more? You’re bringing the memberships in!

– Pay is different for everyone. There’s a few factors that go into it like your social media following, the demand, and how little any studio thinks they can get away with paying an individual. Porn is not a lucrative business for the dumb and naive no matter how pretty you are.

Do you get paid according to the quantity of guys who fuck you in a single scene?

– No. Flat scene rate.

How do you prepare yourself for a shoot? What’s the production schedule like? Do the models tend to segregate by race or country of origin in between takes?

– I shower, I douche, I get makeup, do glamour shots, then the scene starts. Models tend to segregate by language, but we still interact and hangout with each other even if we can’t communicate clearly haha

How many scenes have you shot?

– I stopped keeping count of my scenes after my first year. Probably thirty something.

Would you say you’ve made more than $40,000 a year or less since you work for the company?

– I don’t make anything close to $40,000 from porn. I’m still new to the industry, but I don’t think there are many models making that much money from any studio. If there are, I want to get coffee with them.

When did you realize you are a huge fan-favorite? Does that make you blush?

– I still don’t know if I have fully realized I’m a favorite. I feel like my career certainly has taken off faster than I expected, but it still feels surreal to me.

You seemed really nervous the first hour but then you even played me your songs. Because not only are you bright, sweet and intelligent: you play the piano AND the violin!!! Tell us the story behind your instrument. I mean, instruments, is that cool?

– I had violin lessons for 7 years and I’ve always liked to just sit at the piano and play. They are both fun instruments in different ways. I love music and creating it is magic.

You just came back from a long and very productive trip for work? Anything you can share?

– Yeah I was in NYC for a week, Australia for three weeks and Spain for a week. Just shot some onlyfans content, had a fun adventure and then wrapped it up with some scenes in Spain.


You said to me “Part of why I love doing what I do is it promotes a healthy lifestyle, traveling and exploring new cultures and getting fucked by gorgeous men”. So this is something important to you. Now, is there ANY part of it you could do without?

– The drama. Gay boys love their drama so much they create it out of thin air. It’s just petty and I stay clear of it as much as possible. I’m in porn because I love making porn not because I want to be a reality tv star.

Like Jesus, you used to be a carpenter. So your handsy and handy! Any other parallels with celebrities? Ever get told you look like one of those CW Actors made in a LAB by super gay scientists?

– Haha I do get told I look like Jared Padeleki(spellcheck), Sam from Supernatural a lot (I love that show), but I couldn’t see it. One day I was watching it and it clicked in my head and I saw it and I couldn’t unsee it.

I’ve heard I look like Andrew Garfield a lot too. And one of my onlyfans videos has been making the rounds as a rumored celebrity sex tape of Shawn Mendes getting fucked, but it’s just me getting plowed.

Tell people you’re normal. He’s normal! See? I’ll back you up! Clap back at all those hateful myths and stereotypes surrounding adult entertainment performers!

– I’m not normal, I don’t want to be normal. Normal is boring, I’ve tried it.

Do you do shows? Live shows?

– I have done one live show and I’d do it again. I do escort, but not very often. I’d rather make onlyfans videos where I can be the best deviant I can be.

Do you escort?

– Sometimes.

Devin, like you never cease to amaze: what a trooper! Thanks for dedicating your time, your heart and soul to everything you do: this wonderful exchange included.

– I can’t wait to read it 😁


Twitter: @devinfrancoxxx

Instagram: @devin_franco


Video Interview: QueerMeNow

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