Dallas Steele, porn star rising


Dallas Steele, real name Jim Walker (born 7 November 1969 in Stockton, California, United States) is an American pornographic actor, escort, webcam and adult model. He’s also a retired news anchor.

Dallas has spent 20+ years in TV news reporting on everything from tornadoes to executions to aviation. He’s been nominated for two regional Emmys for his work as a newscaster.


Now done with TV news, Steele is enjoying at 48 a great new career in high-end gay male porn. He’s as comfortable in a suit as he is in a jockstrap.

He’s also very comfortable talking about his experience in life dealing with his sexuality, the death of a lover, and the healing process that he’s embarked on since letting go of old stigmas and social conventions.

He’s an open book. He’s widely successful. Read an exclusive interview with him for Las Malas Palabras….


You were a newscaster for many years (I’ll get to that eventually) and since going into porn almost every detail of your past has been either scrutinized or sensationalized as many tabloid’s wet dream.

You’ve been pretty open about your frustration with broadcast journalism, your love for straight porn, being bisexual until your thirties, your transition and work in the adult entertainment business, escorting, having butt implants, and have shot many bareback scenes – most of which seem to have disappeared from the web.

Tell me something about you that people get wrong, something that people still don’t know about you and something that you wish you’d been asked by now?

– Most of the accounts make it sound like I walked from the news set to the porn set when there were actually five years between the two. And it was a flippant decision. I thought very carefully about it and whether I ever wanted to return to TV news.

My last news gig was in Southwest Florida. I was the main anchor of an ABC station. After two years, it abruptly came to an end when the boss told me they’d done some research and found that people didn’t like me. It was strange to hear, considering our ratings were up.

I will always believe it had more to do with me being openly gay — not a good fit for a very conservative area of the country. At that point, I decided I was done with TV news. TV news newer allowed me to be myself. The consultants and managers always try to make you into someone else, someone they think the public will like. The irony is, I’m a thousand times more popular now than I ever was in TV news. I’m also much happier.

I left Florida and moved back to Michigan where my later partner, Kelly, was the creative director for an auto magazine. We had been together for many years by then and commuted every weekend by plane to see each other. When I moved back, his contract came to an end, and we moved back to Dallas where he landed an amazing job. We bought a new house, new cars. Things were going well.

I had no idea that his lifelong battle with depression was consuming him. In August of 2014, after bartending a long shift, I came home to find him face down in blood and vomit. He had aspirated after overdosing on mass quantities of an inhalant. We were together 13 years. That night will always be the worst memory of my lifetime.

I never say “suicide” for a reason. I don’t believe his intent was to kill himself. My opinion and the opinion of the medical examiner is that he just got carried away and took too much. That night, the cat food was out to warm up. His clothes were laid out for the next day, and his computer was still on. The official cause of death was “accidental overdose.”

His will had not been updated to include any of the new purchases, and there was virtually no money in the bank, no life insurance, nothing. Facing the possibility of being homeless once the bank foreclosed on our house, my best friend suggested I apply with Colt and Titan, knowing I had always wanted to do porn. Seeing no other options, I applied immediately. Both studios contacted me within the week.

You’ve stated that you don’t like men who are overly confident, yet confidence doesn’t seem to be something you’re lacking. Where do you draw the line to not become self-absorbed?

I’m confident about some things, the rest is an illusion as it is with most people. Those who are close to me know the real guy is not self-absorbed and can be insecure and scared at times too. But when you’re a public person, as I’ve been virtually all my life, you learn what to share and what not to. I share some of the things I struggle with, but some of them are private too.

Most people would be surprised to learn I’ve been very active supporting various charities in Dallas and with my church, the Cathedral of Hope, the largest predominately LGBT church in the world. I would add that I’ve also helped more than a dozen guys get started in the business and am constantly offering advice to them.

Add to that, as a «Daddy,» I consider teaching my boy new things and helping him become the best man he can be, part of my charge.


Is having had such visibility in mainstream media something that you think makes your exhibitionism a kink for some viewers? 

It think it may have been initially. I know I’ve heard from many men who used to watch me as an anchor on TV news.

They tell me they’d fantasize about having sex with me back then. But I’ve now been away from the business for six years, so not much of that anymore.

What would you say to people who suggest that getting into porn is some kind of a gay mid-life crisis for you?

Not accurate really. As I’ve already explained, getting to porn was about survival for me. All of us have to take whatever we have whether it’s our brain or our appearance or a particular skill, and find a way to make a living from it.

For 23 years, I made a living from my brain and my skills in journalism.

Now I make a living from my appearance and personality. I don’t feel like I ever had any sort of «crisis,» but I would add, that time is ticking for all of us, all the time. Boldness is genius. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it now.


What do you think about the quote: “people named after cities–for whatever reason–are ALWAYS douchebags.”

I’ve never heard that before. In my case, when I entered porn, I had a contest on Facebook. I received several hundred suggestions and narrowed it down to 10 for people to vote on. «Dallas Steele» was not my choice, but it was overwhelmingly the choice of the more than 1200 people who wanted. Several years into it now, the name feels comfortable, and I respond to it as much as my given name. It’s a part of me now.

How did you handle coming out? How was that first dick you swallowed?

Wow. Pretty graphic here… lol. I was bisexual from 15-25 and always had both girlfriends and boyfriends. When I told my Mom I was bi at 16, she said «I know.» It was until about 25 that I concluded I was really much more oriented to men and preferred in romantic relationship.

Yes, I’ve had sex with maybe 20 women and sometimes still do if hired by a male/female couple for escort. I had my first consensual male-male sexual experience at 15. I was molested by a male neighbor ten years older than me from age 7-12.

Despite that, I don’t believe that «made me gay,» or anything of the sort.


When and why did you find a passion in journalism and how did you get tired of it?

I never got tired of journalism or reporting. I still love it. Still miss it. I got tired of the management in news where everything is now driven by profit rather than by serving the public by making an effort to present all sides of a story allowing people to decide what they believe.

Most news now has an agenda, backed by huge corporate interests. It’s not about reporting. It’s not about the truth. It’s about promoting and sensationalizing trash that sells.

I got tired of hyping things up that I found unimportant. I don’t give one fuck about the Kardashians when our President is destroying our country and our image around the world.

Gay porn requires sacrifice and lots self discipline, I would imagine. Seems like you’re doing very well. Do you ever get self-conscious about displaying your own body and sexuality in perpetuity?

It can wear on you. Sometimes it feels like your body is all there is to people. You don’t exist as a person. You’re pecs, shoulders, a big cock and an ass… lol. I love doing interviews like this because it allows me to show that I’ve got so much more going on than often translates in my movies. And it does take discipline.

I tell people that I work a full-time job- but that’s two hours in the gym everyday and carefully considering everything I eat. In 27 years, I’ve missed a total of 59 days in the gym including weekends and holidays. I workout on Christmas Day.

When everything you do is connected to how you look, there is no «off-season,» or «bulking period.» You have to look good every single day. That’s a lot of pressure.


What do you believe you bring to the table for the LGBTQ community?

I don’t imagine myself to be any kind of LGBT leader, though I know plenty of people make pornstars out to be something of the sort. I do believe I have a responsibility as a pornstar to present a healthy, happy, balanced view of human sexuality.

As an escort, I’ve spoken on a number of panels around the country about sexual safety. Until this country legalizes prostitution, it’s still can be a dangerous proposition for men to hire, but there are many ways to make it safer. If I can help prevent men from being robbed, taken advantage of, or even murdered, I’m all about it.

What does your escorting entail? How do you separate that from your personal sexual life?

I do both hourly and overnight appointments. During an hourly, generally it’s right to business since you’ve hopefully discussed in advanced what the client wants. During an overnight, it’s more romantic, usually with dinner and drinks, then back to the hotel for a night of fun, then maybe again in the morning and breakfast together. Unlike a lot of other escorts, I consider my clients to be friends.

We talk about all sorts of things from their work to their romantic life or often times, the lack of it. My boyfriend is very supportive of what I do. He knows it’s a job but he also knows I’m not the kind of guy who can do it and remain unaffected. I sometimes do get emotionally involved with clients and worry about them. I sometimes do feel a bit of attachment.

Shame me for having a heart, but I can’t be intimate with someone and not feel a piece of their soul touching me, even if only for a few minutes. Despite all of that, at the end of the day, my boyfriend knows I’m coming home and am committed to him as my partner above all.


You once interviewed former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. What do you make of the current state of The White House, Donald Trump’s America and the term “fake news” he keeps going back to whenever he is criticized?

The first step in fascism is to discredit the media. Hitler did it too. And while most people bristle at that comparison, I believe this man (Trump), is just as dangerous, maybe more than Hitler.

He is destroying our country from the inside out, ignoring the Constitution, removing protections for the poor, for LGBT Americans, for the environment, for a stable economy, and so much more. He has already destroyed our image around the world. At this point, I’m just hoping he doesn’t start a nuclear war that ends all mankind.

He’s an ego maniac who clearly does not think anything through. The second North Korea or Iran provokes him by saying he has a small penis, he’s gonna launch the nukes and we’re all going to die.

Do you think President Trump will be impeached? What are the best and worst case scenarios for you?

I don’t think there is anything he could that the Republican controlled congress would impeach him for. We already know he’s a sexist pig who paid off prostitutes to keep quiet about him. We already know he’s a shady businessman.

We already know he and Putin worked together to infiltrate our electoral system.

We already know he has violated multiple laws in the Executive Branch.

Short of molesting a child and killing her on the front lawn of the White House, I don’t think he can do any wrong in the minds of most of wacko rapid Republicans that support him.

Do you think America is due for an inevitable and imminent revolution?

I hope not. I still want to believe in our process and that of system of government works. I am encouraged that Trump’s travel ban was rejected and scaled back by the courts. I’m encouraged that his efforts to separate migrant children from the families was rejected as well.

That shows us that even the President is not without checks and balances. I hope we can remove this man through the electoral process. I don’t think a revolution, especially a violent one, is in our best interest.


What’s something you long believed to be true but suddenly realized wasn’t?

Like many people, I once believed that there is only one «right» person for us in the world. I no longer believe that. I think there are many people we could love and could love us back, some of them more compatible with us than others.

What a shame it is to think that love is so limited, there is only one person among billions that could be for us. Love is all around us. Love is in everyone. Find someone you enjoy being with. See if you are compatible. Work to make it so.

The porn industry has gone through major economical and technological transformations fuelled by video aggregator sites, P2P sharing, amateur porn distribution and the end of the DVD era. This centralization is unprecedented and there isn’t much transparency to how the business as a whole operates. In what sense is the contemporary porn industry an industry?

Porn is changing to be sure. And like TV news, the old studio model of doing things, is quickly dying. What’s considered «commercial» versus «homemade» is much less clear than it used to be. In some ways, that’s good.

The internet has notable widened the genres of porn being made. The downside is, the internet and the piracy that goes with it, has made content worth far less than it once was. The sites that offer free porn, most of stolen off servers in other countries, are destroying the business.

If there is no financial incentive to create new exciting content, then all we’ll be left with are the exhibitionists shooting crappy movies with cell phones. The porn viewing public has got to take some responsibility and start paying for their pleasure.

I don’t ever watch free porn and I will actively scold those who do. I want to support the models and studios producing the content I enjoy.


How does a 48-year old former news anchor with two Emmy nominations manage his labor and porn persona in all this?

Promoting oneself in porn is not that much different than promoting yourself in TV news. You have to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram everyday. You have to find out what resonates with your fans.

After 3 years of daily social media, I have a pretty good idea of what my fans like, and what they don’t. The other challenge is mail. I get between 40-80 messages a day. I try to answer as many as possible but I can’t get to all of them. I feel bad about that.

A personal assistant may be a possibility in the near future. Emails and requests for appearances are a lot for one person to handle.

From your perspective, what makes a good porn scene? What is a job well done for you as a professional and what are you looking for in a scene in the porn that you watch?

Connection. As a viewer, I can tell immediately if the performers have a connection. When I’m doing a scene, I shut out everything else and pretend that guy is the only guy in the world for that day.

My focus is entirely on them and being in their head. And I want them to be in mine. There are plenty of men, however, that will not let you in, that will not fully give themselves to the moment.

I do believe even the best mainstream actors allow themselves to be so fully immersed in character that they actually forget who they really are in that moment.


This collective sense of self is something of an assemblage obviously detached from notions of individual identities as clearly bound and separable from one another. It also pushes us to think about sexual identity as this contingent thing.

While sexual identities are routinely defined through binary, mutually exclusive and seemingly coherent categories – such as gay vs. straight – they keep on taking new twists and turns as we live, encounter people, places, desires and palates. In most instances, what or who one prefers at the age of 20 is a different thing that what one goes for three decades later.

To what degree is sexual identity a productive concept to think and live with?

I think sexuality is fluid. As I said, I was with women and men until I was 25. And who is to say that I might be with a woman again one day in some sense. I would never say never.

And I also think our sexual roles and interests change during our lifetime. In my twenties, I was all bottom. In my thirties, I was all top. Now in my forties, I’m happily versatile.

I refuse to be locked into a specific role or definition. Fluidity is wonderful.

You’ve earlier talked about Dallas Steele as a collective body of sorts, one encompassing fans and their participation as this sort of an embodied, living brand. What kind of an identity position is then Jim Walker?

Dallas Steele is a sub-brand of Jim Walker, or maybe Jim Walker is now a sub-brand of Dallas Steele. Who I was as Jim Walker, the broadcast journalist, is kind of on hold right now.

I feel like I know who I am more so now than at any point in my life. But I’ve created this successful brand, and right now while it’s working well, I have to live that story.

Post porn, Jim Walker will be back I’m certain, but won’t be the same as before Dallas Steele. Being Dallas Steele and everything I’ve experienced with it, has profoundly changed me.


Do you see yourself as a role model?

I think all of us have an opportunity to inspire others. I don’t know that it’s healthy for one to see themselves as a role model, but if someone is able to get motivated in some way by my story, that’s excellent. I love to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise and better diet. And in terms of porn, I love helping people to see human sexuality and it’s broad spectrum of possibilities, as something positive and fulfilling.

Why are there so many horrible gay men, do you think?

Are there? Not sure gay men are any worse than straight men, or people in general. But I will say that our struggle as gay men takes a toll. Bullying as children/teens, the pressure to marry a woman, the expectations to be masculine, the disappointment of parents wanting grand children, and the superficiality of the gay dating world is incredibly stressful and wearing.

So it’s no wonder that so many of us have so many scars and wear so much armor, often manifested by saying and doing horrible things to other gay men. We hurt others because we are hurting ourselves.


We’re taught to hate ourselves, but we’re also taught to like a certain thing. That’s what the market wants us to do. We need to be attracted to a certain type of body, etc. What’s your take on LGBTQ men and women who had that experience growing up?

Whether you’re gay or straight, the media certainly does condition us about what to be attracted to. The gay media, now blogs and TV shows, certainly tells us we’re supposed to like young, muscular, masculine men. But I think as our movement evolves, that’s changing a bit.

You’re seeing older men «Daddies» like myself valued as sexual creatures as well as a variety of different body types- bears, otters etc. My experience growing up was based on stolen Playgirl’s from my best friend’s mother.

I’d look at the centerfolds and think that’s what I’m supposed to look like. Now, I find myself attracted to many different types of guys, all ages, all races, and body types you might not expect.

I think the thing that’s interesting to me is polygamy – most cultures in the world – that is the ideal relationship. Do you agree?

I am currently in a polygamist relationship. I have two boyfriends. They are in love with me, I love them, but they’re not in love with each other, at least not yet. We all coexist and make it work as a sort of family. I think it’s quite silly that so many gays try to emulate the straight relationship model.

With more than 50% of straight couples divorcing in the first five years, obviously that’s not working very well. We are free to develop the relationships that work best for us. Make our own rules. Build our own traditions.

Relationships are based on the needs, wants, and desires of those in them. You make agreements. Keep agreements. And always tell the truth about your experience.


Is there a particularly interesting quote you can share from your many interviews or your co-stars that has stuck with you?

Nothing I can think of really.

You’re looking a lot more ripped these days! Been working harder in the ole gym, have you? How difficult is it to keep that regimen?

When you tell people you make anywhere from $100-300 an hour making porn or escorting, they often think that’s ridiculous. But that’s not really where I’m working. The gym is my job. Two hours per day, everyday, seven days a week doing something. Typically, I lift four days per week, cardio and abs the other three.

When everything you do is tied to how you look, you cannot afford to slack. Almost three decades into fitness, I don’t really think it about it all that much anymore- it’s just something I do like eating, breathing, and using the restroom.

I will say it’s a bit harder traveling, but I don’t allow myself to make excuses. I will find a gym. I will find the right food to fuel my body.

Have you been working on any other creative projects that we can talk about?

No. I don’t currently have anything on the horizon. I’ll be making appearances in Detroit and Washington D.C. in September, then Palm Springs Pride in November. Beyond that, just waiting for the phone to ring for more movie projects.


Do you think about porn differently now to when you first started out in the industry? Does it change day to day?

No, not really. I think I entered the business with limited expectations and I think it has been pretty much as I expected. The biggest surprise has been my success in the business. I never expected to get this far.

The best sex you’ve had on film in the past year was with…..?

Parker Davis in our scene with studio Bareback that Hole (not released as of this writing).

He is 6’8 240lbs with 11 inches, and he’s versatile. We had the best time and I came while he was fucking me, then he came all over me.

Thirty minutes later, we were taking still pictures and he started fucking me again! I came in less than ten minutes and we kept going until the production insisted we clear out for them to shoot their next two guys!







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