Brendan Patrick: “I love nudity” (Video interview)

Plenty of reasons to get to know Brendan Patrick, the sexy otter that has mesmerized viewers with electric and passionate performances and is a constant voice of reason in the middle of chaos. Extremely bright, delightfully humble. This is a man with much more than a body to offer. His mind is just as sexy and open.

You think you know porn? Then you go follow Brendan Patrick immediately and make sure to keep up. This man has no time for bullshit. He’s about the work and the craft, gay porn is his outlet to keep exploring his sexuality: his limits, fantasies and naughtiest desires.

Brendan Patrick a legend in the making.

He’s the first aspirational role-model kind of man that you rarely see in Adult Entertainment. Gay or straight. He’s a porn star with a brain, if you will.

He doesn’t hide it. He doesn’t flaunt it either. He’s just a brilliant, well-read educated man and eloquent individual:

– «Male sexuality in general (let alone gay male sexuality) has always been, and still is, a subject steeped in taboo. In 2018, gone were the David Bowies and the Freddie Mercurys from our stages. LGBT performers still permeate the mainstream yes, but any worthwhile exposure depends solely upon our willingness to undergo artistic castration.«

Physically, he’s an extremely #woke and groundbreaking fairy tale prince with a knack for kink. Known for his unshaved chest hair, a sexy Irish accent, a beautiful penis, a great personality and a nonstop sex drive.


– «I believe the gender binary to be perhaps the most toxic and insidious of human ideological constructions. It is, in religiously dominated societies, worshipped and adhered to much like a deity. In return for your unquestioning compliance, it promises security and stability. It is based upon the illusion of opposites, revels in divisiveness, and has caused more human suffering than we would dare to imagine. I see its effects everywhere I look.«

So bae’s got a fascinating and beautiful mind. That’s why I’ve been chasing him for months to let you see for yourself.

He’s also extremely outspoken about everything from the shit landscape of American politics to issues that affect 🏳️‍🌈 civil rights.

27023614_2023638154551204_6603246663153537509_oGAY MAN PRIDE

His essays are poignant and extremely grounded.

He is the example for what a gay porn star can achieve in the community when there’s a coherent speech and a compromise to speak up for human rights.

That, alone, makes it worth it to follow and like him on Facebook.

I first had the pleasure of meeting the up and coming star when we connected through his twitter account @BrendanPatxxx and decided to give him a voice on this site.

This is where I first discovered that not only was this extremely handsome man elegant and kind, but a talented model as well with a very refreshing passion for the industry.

If you’re going to do something, give it your best.” says Patrick who took time out of his now fast growing schedule to talk a bit about his career, sex, and the gay porn industry as it is and as it could be.


Origin of a self-proclaimed ‘sex deviant’


Brendan Patrick, (also known as Bredan Patrick, Brendan; born 29 November 1983 in Waterford, Province of Munster, Ireland) is an Irish mainstream and pornographic actor, webcam and adult model.

For his mainstream work, he is best known for his appearances on Billy the Kid: New Evidence (2015), Emergency: LA (2017) and Confessions (2016).

Also he performed in multiple theater productions, including Rosencrantz & Guildenstern and I Never Saw Another Butterfly.

–  «I see amongst heterosexuals, the dominant culture that birthed it eons ago, this attempt to impose order upon an uncertain universe. Now it turns on its parents like a deformed changeling, manifested as patriarchy, toxic masculinity and an ever expanding rape culture. I have seen it corrupt the worthy and essential cause of feminism, warping its fine message of female empowerment into a manifesto of slut shaming, sex phobia and a marked and ironic disdain for the feminine principle.«



All that professional acting experience came very much in handy since he burst into the industry in 2013. He won the gay porn Academy Award when he took home the Grabby’s Best Actor honor in 2016.

– «I will likely spend the rest of my days trying to reconcile myself with a society which failed to offer me protection or a sense of place throughout my earliest years. It pains me deeply to see the land of the free making the same mistakes.«

Expect to see and hear lots more from this passionate and bearded romantic, whose main weakness is kissing. Nothing turns Brendan Patrick more than a passionate and intense make/out session>

«I love Kissing! I don’t know about other guys, but it really makes me explode. I consider myself very verse with sex and I love to go down on a guy. But like I said kissing will really make me explode.«







«I can’t think of something more gorgeous than two men having sex together. Purely as a visual.«

Brendan Patrick


«Sex is fun. It’s awesome. It’s expressive. It’s gorgeous to look at.«

Brendan Patrick


«I think gay culture, in general, we’re just way ahead of the curve when it comes to sexuality. I think the rest of the world can really learn from us. We relate to our sexuality and our bodies like no one else on earth.»

Brendan Patrick


«I will perform with partners of all ethnicities.«

Brendan Patrick


«I have never had a problem with nudity. was born this way.»

Brendan Patrick

«I love naked bodies. It’s a passion of mine.»

Brendan Patrick


«I’m still figuring out who I am as a sexual person and gay porn has helped me hugely in that.«

Brendan Patrick


«It’s a very sex positive environment in gay porn… I will also say gay porn performers are some of the smartest, most compassionate, most intellectual, most beautiful individuals that I’ve met in my life… so this stereotype that we’re all drug addict desperate queens and complete narcissists can’t be further from the truth.«

Brendan Patrick


«I didn’t have the perfect porn body. I was a little to more stocky; I had a higher percentage of body fat… it wasn’t the mainstream. I did not think there was nothing with that, but apparently the Porn Industry did. So I changed progressively. I have reconfigured my esthetic to be more palatable to what this industry demands… I wouldn’t change the way I look now for anything in the world…«

Brendan Patrick


«I love performing with performers all races… but I have been asked by some studios if I have any ‘racial limitations’ -which seems to be a distinctive American dillusion…
How the fuck can they even ask me that question_ Is this legal?…
Will I work with someone of a different race?

Brendan Patrick



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