Billy Santoro, fully oinked

Billy Santoro is a sex god. As such there are many dicks, dildos, events, and everyday stuff for a forty two year old man who makes a living out of much more than his stunning looks.

There’s wit, there’s not taking no for an answer, and various common Type A personality traits.

But it’s a lot of travel, excercise, discipline and a constant lust for that profession, which is a way of life. And it’s different with everybody. Don’t worry Billy. This is ALL about you, baby… Check out his TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and CONTENT SITE.

Billy Santoro is doing fine and looking mighty that, too.

He’s loaded. And constantly leaked… but we’ll get to that later.

Let’s go way back to the mid nineties. A 17 year old Billy the kid had a chance encounter with legendary Director, Drag Queen and gay pornstar whisperer ChiChi LaRue.

She just uttered four words at Santoro:

  • «You should do porn!«

And the validation kicked in this then scrawny body. The curiosity crept through his teenage body but life had other plans for Billy The Kid.

Cut to Billy The Pig.

This saavy control freak has a hand everywhere. For someone who has been in the Adult Entertainment Industry for more than seven years as a performer… the sex beast of today has done pretty much way more than you’re average naked idol.

This hunk has been working to constantly expand his range ever since his first scene popped up in 2011.

There’s been hundreds of shoots, videos, studios and mostly, dicks, lube and getting into his groove.

He can do vanilla, fetish, kink, gang bangs, public domination, edging, barebacking, guzzling cum, and swallowing it! Like you’re supposed to!

He admits to being controlling, but somehow he quit the wholesome act in his mid-thirties and hasn’t looked back.

Another chance encounter with ChiChi LaRue some fifteen years later and Santoro recalls understandably she did not recognize him.

See, Billy the kid had gotten ripped and furry. Billy was now nearing 35 and he was sexier, messier and dirtier.

ChiChi: -«You look familiar, you should do porn.»

Chi Chi LaRue rarely asks twice. WHY SHOULD SHE? Billy The Now Hairy Muscle gay hunk knew that code.

No one ever had to suggest it again and Billy became a vocal social media nut sometimes, but that’s just his process. I guess??? He can do no harm, unless it’s the nasty kind!

Cut to 2012 when he had decided porn was the gig and his smoking body, the instrument.

He’d already done some gay porn hard core web videos for amateur studios here and there and he also had a side gig as a popular bartender in a gay club in Seattle (where he was living at the time and where he met his future husband and current ex: Seth Santoro –who went by the name Seth Treston as he, too, was starting out in the porn industry).

During the relationship Billy went on record as having fallen in love for the first time in his life.

So Billy wasn’t a twink overnight porn sensation. He got in at the right age, and he could very well carry on another cool ten years.

Goes to show his discipline and determination to have sex for the rest of the world to see.

He’s gone on to become one of the most well known gay porn stars in the business. 

In a lot of ways, it’ easy to see why. Billy’s obviously a very good looking guy. But a few other things, like I noticed the first time I layed eyes on him, something just stood out about him.

Firstly, he’s smart. It’s so great to see how porn, and gay porn in particular, has become de-stigmatised.

Billy Santoro exists in large part due to social media, and being able to have a connection to our favourite performers in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

Porn stars aren’t hidden away and shunned in a corner somewhere, they’re right there in front of us on our social media channels.

Billy has built up a huge following on Twitter and that’s a smart move. It means he has access to his fans directly, and is able to control his brand and image a lot more. He also has his own piggy bank personal hook-up site (JustForFans) and an OnlyFans profile which you can enjoy for a  monthly membership and see unimaginable and filthy content. So worth it!

And Billy, by being able to leverage a large social media following gives him more options as to what he’d like to do career-wise. And as you’ll read in the interview, that’s exactly what’s he’s done.

Billy is tall, dark, and handsome — not to mention his worked-out body… that certainly doesn’t hurt, either! Billy is a versatile guy who loves rimming a clean, meaty ass.

He loves to bottom for as many anonymous tops walk in and rail him, one after the other.

And it’s all the better if the guys are aggressive! But that’s just what we’ve seen.

Learning that a performer has real-life issues could be seen as a bit of a letdown. But it’s not, and it certainly hasn’t hurt Billy’s career.

If anything, it’s helped it. It seems that we’re at a point now where we’re over polished, perfect projections of people.

No one buys that anymore because we know it’s not true. Seeing someone be real and authentic actually endears us to them more than an overly carefully crafted image of them does.

I always feel like I’m walking a tight rope when I interview people.

On the one hand, we want to ask them some personal, deeper questions to get to know them better.

Yet on the other hand, we want to respect their privacy and not be too invasive or rude.

As you’ll see in the interview below, Billy doesn’t hold back. He’s refreshingly honest and candid.

He was born January 14th, 1976. Prior to his successful career in Gay Porn, Billy was the operations director for a Whole Foods.

Does it matter? Look at him!

Seriously, though: Billy has said he has a huge passion for specialty coffee and plans on opening an espresso bar when he’s ready to leave the porn business.

All I can say to describe the site is… to take a look for yourselves.

He worked with everyone and was everywhere doing everything: vanilla, condom, no condom, public gang bangs, kink, filth, cumplay, bareback hookups and cream pies. Lots of cream pies.

Just in the seven plus years that Billy has been slitting up the industry, the technology and the access have changed. It’s more accesible.

To enjoy as a viewer or to produce it and monetize for yourself on the Internet.
So the award-winning porn vet has lots of tricks up his furry and legendary hole.

This is Billy Santoro now and today. Perhaps he will feel differently tomorrow. He was charming, accessible and humble, I really must say.

His body of work includes titles like Daddy’s Club, Daddy’s Seductions, Bathhouse Baits, Masculine Fuck BuddiesandStealth Fuckers, among many many many others.

1. Let’s get straight to the nitty gritty. What’s it like to be an award-winning porn star?

– I have very strong opinions about this. To me, the fans are really all that matters to me. If the fans haven’t voted for the award 100% then it really doesn’t mean anything to me. Yes, it’s nice to get an award/recognition for all my work, but if it doesn’t come from the fans, it’s sort of just bullshit.

2. How did you decide to get into porn and how did you feel when you first began?

– I never wanted to do porn as a career. Since I was a skinny twink, I always looked up to the guys I saw doing porn. These were Gods among men! And they were having sex with men! But I never saw anyone who looked like me in porn.

As I got older and started working out, I got that itch to just try it. I wanted to be able to say ‘I did that once’.

So when I did my first scene, I realized how much acting and performing is involved. I was amazed by the level of presence you have to maintain while on camera.

After filming, I returned to my 6 figure career to my office in Seattle, WA and told my co-workers, “I did it, it’s not for me.” But when my first scene was released a month later, I was instantly popular! I tried another and another….the rest is history.

3. Do you think that porn plays a part in educating people about sex and sexuality?

– I used to have the attitude that porn is no different than any fictional movie you watch. Does a horror film teach serial killers how to kill someone?

But as I have gotten older and look back on my twink years, I watched a ton of porn. I learned how to suck a dick by watching Aiden Shaw suck a dick. I learned how to ride a dick by watching Ryan Idol.

So there is a level of education. But the real education does not come from porn. It plays a minor role in that it shows you what is possible.

Your peers, lovers, friends, especially in gay culture, play the role of sex educator.

4. How many porn videos have you made now, and which would you say stands out as your favourite scene?

– I have done over 300 studio/professional scenes and over 4000 amateur scenes. I do NOT have a favorite scene. I do have great experiences. The positive experiences are based on working with guys who have the same sexual energy I have.

5. What three qualities do you think are needed to be a good porn star?

– There are 3 qualities you must have before you should even think about porn. No. No.

You should have 2 of the 3 before you even try.

A) A sexy model face B) A lean, tight body C) a big cock.

Now that just gets you in the door.

The best performers in the industry exhibit the following qualities regularly:

I) Sex positivity II) Versatility III) Upbeat attitude

6. Who have you worked with most in the industry, and why do you think you were paired up more than any other stars?

– I don’t even know. Some of the standouts have been Johnny Rapid, Dirk Caber, Roman Todd, Colby Jansen. This is mainly due to the popular daddy dynamic that is selling in porn.

7. Do you get to own the skimpy underwear you have in your videos or are they part of the studio wardrobe?

– Yes. But I give it away. I don’t wear underwear in my real life.

8. Can we talk a little about your personal life? When did you first realise you were gay?

– I was 13 years old when the girl who lived across the street from me came over and started trying to kiss me. She pushed me down and pulled my dick out and started to suck it. I closed my eyes and thought of her sexy brother and BAM, I came in her mouth. I also would catch glimpses of guys around school, etc.

9. What is it like for a young gay guy growing up in your case?

– I was the first born in an Italian family. I played Ice Hockey for 15 years. I was not allowed to be gay. I kept it buried deep in my soul for years. There were no good media representations of gay men in the 80s.

Every depiction I saw was someone dying of Aids. That wasn’t me, nor who I wanted to be. Those kind of portrayals which may have been accurate for many during those times, did not show me as a young gay boy that I would be accepted.


10. If you could have two superpowers, which would they be and why?

– Xray vision and the power to move things with my mind- DUH! You know why! I’m a pig!

11. You’re versatile in your porn videos, but do you have a preference in real life?

– I am 100% versatile, but I noticed in our community where most like to gravitate one way or the other, that it is better to find out what my partner is first than just identify as the opposite so I get laid!

12. What’s your favorite place to have sex?

– My bed! Porn guys rarely get to have sex on a bed, so I cherish it. Also, on the dance floor!!

13. This boyfriend you have now, is it serious and special?

– Yes

14. From the world of porn, who would be your dream date?

– Grant Ryan; My interactions have been authentic with him.

15. If you had all the money in the world, what would you be doing right now?

– Porn. I never did porn for money. It was never the driving force. I do it because I love it.

16. What’s the best way to seduce someone?

– Eye contact!!!!

17. Who is your favourite person to follow on Twitter?

@Jockedupgeek He is my hero!

18. You tend to swallow cum in your scenes. Is that something that you enjoy and do you get a bonus when you take a load on your mouth?

– I do what the director tells me. I prefer the cum in my ass bareback. Not in my mouth.

19. Any memorable or funny stories that happen during the porn shoot?

– Way too many to tell. Recently, I was filming a scene with Brandon Wilde and I was about to cum and I cramped up so badly that I strained a muscle in my neck causing my fingers to look dislocated. Ok, it was funny at the time.


20. Do you prefer to top or bottom? What’s your favorite sex position and why?

I love topping twinks/skinny lean boys and I love bottoming for big boys. Wait, that’s not really true. I bottom for big dick twinks too. Either way, doggie style is my favorite!

21. What turns you on sexually?

– Ass and legs. The little ‘fuck me’ dimples on the the lower back leading to a small bubble butt……drives me wild.

22. Please describe your “perfect date”, if there was one.

– I had it! I took my bf to my home city of Philadelphia and grabbed a cup of coffee and walked around the entire city chatting.

23. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body and why?

– I love my chest and legs…they fucking look good!

24. . What’s next for Billy Santoro?

– More!!! I am building more websites and venturing more into production

25. You’ve been in the industry for a few years at this point. Any signs of slowing down? Ever get bored with the routine?

– Is there even a routine to being in porn? I was gonna say. Routine??? There is nothing routine about porn. I haven’t really slowed down. I have been doing porn for 7 years and I film at least one scene a week or more.

26. What kind of guy were you back in school? Who did you hang out with/date?

– I was severely introverted. My life was playing hockey and studying. I was a perfect student which is why I completed my undergrad degree in Business from the University of Pittsburgh and my MBA from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

I am the type to have a very small core group of friends and that is all I want.

27. Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

– I was a fan when I was a late teen, but then when I started having sex. Porn bored the shit out of me.

28. What do you think shaped you into the sexually strong man that we see in your porno?

– I have lots of sex. I started having sex at 13 years old, gay sex at 17. I never stopped.

29. What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

– There isn’t really anyone I am dying to do a scene with. I think you have to understand that porn is not real. It is staged, over produced, mechanical, etc. I do, however, have a long list of guys I want to fuck.


30. You respond to your fans a lot on Twitter. What do you like most about talking to your fans on social media?

– I listen. It’s basic business. You put out a product to your consumer and you get feedback. Social media is an avenue to receive that feedback.

31. Guilty Pleasure?

– Circuit parties!! I try to stay somewhat low-key and just be a gay man who wants to dance with other gay men.

32. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you choose and why?

– Nobody. I fucking love my life!

33. What’s something people don’t know you’re good at?


34. Is there something you long believed to be true, then realized it wasn’t?

-It’s actually always the opposite. I am very skeptical by nature. It takes a lot for me to believe someone unless I am show scientific proof.

35. You got a special celebrity crush?

– None.

36. Who’s your main diva?

– Gasp! Madonna!

37. Are you political? What’s your view of the current climate in the US, especially regarding the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community?

– I live in the nation’s capital Washington DC. You cannot live here and not be politically aware. I have my opinions of course, but just because Trump lives here, doesn’t mean he is a welcomed neighbor.

I have seen an uptick in gay bashing in Washington DC alone, but it hasn’t been from Trump supporters. In every case, the perpetrator identified as a liberal leaning person of color.

I don’t understand fully why this is the case. Is it the political climate or is it social media?I say that because, maybe this has been going on all along, but now we have many media outlets to hear about it.

At any rate, I advise all LGBTQ to take the fucking earphones off and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t assume people are good!

Every time I read about one of us getting attacked, I want to create a vigilante group to find the motherfucker!If you live in Washington Dc, just send me a message, I’ll walk you home from the bar!Be Safe!!

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