Logan Moore: Dancing Queen


His real name is Rick Hollanders.

This hunk has a face any man would be jealous of — this guy is handsome, plain and simple, and when he gets cum all over it, that’s even better!

It took him some time to come out of the closet, but when he finally did, he couldn’t control himself!

He first got his start shaking his bon bon in 2009 in his own agency called ‘Dancinity’. The dancing became the adult kind in Berlin along with Jordan Fox.

That eventually led to Lucas Entertainment in 2013. The rest, as they say, is gay porn history.

He became an international gay icon and adult video superstar. His stage and screen name?



Truly, Moore is one of the the hottest gay porn stars on the planet, it’s hard to go past his runway model frame. Despite sometime growing frustrated with certain aspects of the industry, Logan is a the top of his craft.

He looks amazing, he’s got a great work ethic and he’s amassed a huge and loyal following on social media.

So while his career continues to go from strength to strength, Logan’s had issues in other areas of his life. Most notably, his very public breakup from his fiancé in 2017.

Going through personal challenges is always hard, but when you’ve got a huge public profile, it’s even harder. So I wanted to get a feel for how Logan’s doing, and make him uncomfortable, which is something that I found very easy to do.

And he welcomed the challenge of opening up, letting his guard down and open that heart and just set some things straight. And I hope we achieved it…


Logan has accumulated a staggering 200 and counting credited appearances with CockyBoys, Men.com, MenAtPlay, Raging Stallion, Falcon, HotHouse, and UK Hot Jocks just to name a few.


When Moore initially came out as gay, he said his mom joked she had already guessed, just by the way he ran.

— ‘She was not surprised, especially because I always had the most beautiful girls, but that was not fitting well.’

But he said most people found out he was gay when he won Mr. Gay Netherlands at the age of 16.

–‘Everybody basically read it in a magazine that I was gay,’ he jokes.


After Moore left school, he started go-go dancing around Europe and doing a lot of nightlife shows.

He revealed the nightlife scene is closely connected with the porn scene.

I had friends already in the industry,’ he said. ‘Then people kept asking me if I wanted to do it. Each time, I said no – it’s not for me.

He added: ‘But after 10 years of asking, I was like “OK – try before you die!” I’m so open-minded

So I said to myself: “You know what? Just do something crazy and just try it”,’ he says in our exclusive interview for Las Malas Palabras.


–Please introduce yourself. How old are you? Where are you from?

Hello, I’m Logan Moore. I’m from the south of The Netherlands and thirtysomething years old. I am a professional dancer for years where I own a dance agency.

I take care of dancers for big clubs and events. But I also work as dancer for other great agencies. I started in 2013 as Porn actor.

What I really love to do as well next to my dancing. I’m a born entertainment guy if I may say so haha.

–How is it like to be porn actor in The Netherlands? How’s the gay scene there?

Haha the most people just know me as show dancer from clubs and events. Just my good friends here know that I’m doing porno. I think after the release and some interviews the people in The Netherlands and Belgium will found out what I’m doing next.

Yes, I talk about Belgium as well because these two countries are close to each other and I live on the border. The gay scene here is normal.

Can’t say anything special about it only our Gay Pride is really famous in Amsterdam. A must-have to visit around August.

–So you go from Rick to Logan. What’s the story behind your porn name Logan Moore?

Logan I find a really cool and strong name, I’m a fan from fantasy action movies and this name is from the X-men Wolverine. Therefore I chose for my first name Logan and Moore I chose to get it more American and ”Moore” like you want to see more of me.

–Are you gay, straight or bi? Single or taken?

Gay and single.

–Are you top, bottom or versatile?

Versatile, they are the best 😛


If f you get to know Logan, you understand that he’s actually a rather private and reserved gentleman who has been able to sustain an amazing career.

Not one to talk about himself, or say bad things about his co-stars, the first real glimpse we got into Logan Moore’s private life was back in 2015, when he met and started a very public power-couple dynamic with a fellow pornstar…


Then known as Josh Rider, he was a British Lucas Entertainment model who left the company -along with Logan- in a very public and bizarre dispute with the very creepy Michael Lucas.

Their love story continued, but not without some hiccups that will forever remain off the record. But more on that, later…


Logan is excited about his work, and I remember he had to say this about a long time fantasy scene that he had just fulfilled after years of pushing and pushing for the right studio to do it with.

«If someone could only see one of my scenes, it would be difficult to just name a couple, I truly do have many movies I could recommend and that we’re fucking hot as fuck to shoot, … but right now I am crazy about one of my last releases that I’m very proud of, as it was a fantasy for many years: my first ever gangbang made by RawFuckClub and released in two parts. I got so much positive feedback on that and can’t wait to shoot more gangbangs haha slutty of me!«


–Tell us about your early life.

During my early life, I grew up in a beautiful and old city, Maastricht. I come from a family of 5, with two younger sisters that are twins. I went to school, then college, basically all the stuff teenagers do. Except at a young age I was already a professional dancer and also worked as an actor and model which allowed me to travel all through Europe.

–What’s the craziest experience you’ve had on the set of a shoot?

The worst experience I’ve had in the industry is when another actor told everyone that we were married so that he could play off my success, and I didn’t find out until months later. So crazy!

–What are your interests outside of the industry?

Dance, go to the gym, trips to the city, fashion, games, movies, and, of course, spending time with family and friends.


–When you started in porn, what were some of the elements of the business that took you by surprise?

I was surprised about a few things. I didn’t know there would be a fan base in porn! Or that shooting can take up to 6 to 8 to 10 — or even 20 — hours for just one scene of sex with a storyline! I was definitely surprised about that one!

–Do you remember how you were feeling before your first scene?

It was not a pleasant feeling, I was nervous and wondering why they asked me to do this! Can I get hard or stay hard? Am I gonna cum in the first [few] minutes and what should I do then? I’m a thinker as you can see and lots of things were going through my mind! But when I started it all went down fine and I just focused on the guys!

–If you could convince a mainstream celebrity to shoot gay porn, who would it be and what would the scene be like?

Easy one: Colton Haynes, I would marry him, too! Hehe! I would make the scene very passionate and sweaty! Intense but sexy! A good versatile scene showing both of his assets!


–One thing you hate about the biz?

For me the hardest thing in this biz is that you have to arrange for work nonstop! It’s always a question if I have work next week or next month as you never know! But I don’t really hate anything in this biz! [Well] maybe the airlines; there is always something with them. Delayed, canceled, missing luggage.


–What’s your biggest turn on?

That’s simple, a good kisser is sure to give me a boner.

–As a gogo dancer you are obviously not afraid to show your body. Did you always look that great or do you have to give up a lot for it?

HaHa thanks for the compliment. But everybody thinks Oh, you’re a dancer and they only see the show and think that’s it. But you have to take care of your own body.

Going to the beauty-salon now and then, hitting the gym, tanning and once a while to the hairdresser. Dance or porn it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.


–Favorite thing about working in porn?

The travel and the people you meet! It makes you a richer person to discover new areas and new people! After so many years I have many friends around the world and with this job I mostly go back to the same areas so it’s amazing to see all these people again!


–If a guy were to hit on you, what does it take to make a good impression? 

Haha a friend, huh? I would say be yourself, be friendly and polite, but in general have something to say…. a good conversation leads to so much more!

–When not in front of the camera, what keeps Logan busy or entertained?

I work a lot as a dancer so definitely that one! But when I’m free it’s seeing my friends and family! Games and movies [help me] step out of the world and not think about anything else than the movie or game I’m in! Gym and sports and that’s it I guess! Simple guy over here!


Flashback to January 2017: Logan Moore and Josh Moore were one of Pornland’s most beautiful couples. Everyone wanted to be a fly on their bedroom wall to watch their sizzling hot romps.


Josh proposed to Logan in March of 2017, then a month later they split up. It’s still a sore subject for Logan, who had this to say about the abrupt break-up that shook the gay porn industry almost two years ago…


«It’s difficult to this day to talk about him without feeling a wide range of feelings: anger, nostalgia, heartbreak. Josh was the one who asked me to marry him, and I sacrificed many things to make that happen. We moved back to The Netherlands, because Josh wan’t happy in America. Cut to a few weeks later and the relationship was definitely over.»

«Sometimes, when things burn too brightly, they combust. It is what it is. And it’s been very difficult to move on. But I can honestly say that it was for the best. Now he can be happy. I can be happy. We just can’t be together, and it’s nobody’s business. I wish him the best.«

0-35How would you describe the way you earn your rent? I would describe you as a social worker, sex educator, and porn performer. Do you agree?

I call my self an all-around entertainer! But yeah I try to be a role model too!

The many facets of your work makes it seem titillating I guess. Do you ever get used to it?

Every new job is a new experience! It’s excited and scary sometimes but it’s daily routine! So yes it’s part of my life!

Do you ever regret working in adult entertainment or having to «play the game» that kind comes with the territory in the entertainment business?

Porn is the best choice I ever made! It’s made me a much better person and, for sure , just way way better in bed, ha ha!


What I won’t do is what you may call «playing the game«! I really don’t like people who lick heals to get work or sleep with people to get a job! I get my work because of who I am

And for what I stand for! It makes it harder but hey honesty takes longer but stays longer too!


What’s your definition of intimacy? Is sex part of that? Is it easy to find a man who you can trust?

Intimacy is sharing the bad and the good things in life with. Your bestie your love of your life. Sex is big part of that yes! Lol after what happened in my life it’s hard to trust people. But one day I will again!

A lot of kids are now learning about sex by watching porn. That’s how I learned what it entailed and there was no Internet back then. What’s the difference between on camera sex and just private sex? Is there a difference for you?

It’s weird people learn sex through porn but I know this happens and I can only tell Porn sex is not how real sex should be! Real sex comes from love or romance. One night stands is maybe a bit how porn is but porn is fantasies on screen! Things to jerkoff on!

Do you feel you have to manage your Internet persona? Is it exhausting?

Next to films and shoots that’s 20/30% of the work the rest is social media it takes s lott of time! I response to every messsage from a fan or tweet! Not many Porn guys are doing that but for me it’s important as fans are the one who gives us work! So they mean a lot to me!


Regarding your Twitter and Instagram, do you put whatever you like on there, or do you have to take your employers in the industry into consideration?

I don’t post anything to private on there! Family and most of my friends you can’t find on there! Insta is a bit more personal but twitter is just business. As I try to be a rolemodel I stand up for the weak and try to show good things! You can’t always tweet what you think!

So it takes some effort to maintain a boundary between the character that you’ve created and the person behind it. Is it difficult to keep that up?

As I said before I don’t play different. What you see is what you get!

I could understand someone arguing that selling a product that also happens to be their own face can be strenuous, so that could partially explain it. But there used to be so much said about porn as being demeaning, especially to women, and then you see the more modern things, especially in gay porn of the kind you perform in, that’s positively cozy. Is there a different connotation to porn in the male gay community, you think?

But then, the better you get at your work — which is surely a good thing — the bigger your audience becomes, and the bigger your responsibility for what you represent and project.


As porn becomes community based, and as it develops these new practices and norms, it seems many favor bareback in what they see. Is that why you perform both in condom and non-condom scenes?

I perform more in condom scenes then I shoot bareback! It’s more for business reasons why I chooses that! I don’t know it’s now getting trendy that porn colleagues sell there private fuck videos and seems it’s all bareback!

What surprised me because I know big studios don’t like when there models promote bareback sex. So it’s definitely a new trend going on and I’m waiting for a response of the bigger studios how they gonna react on this trend! For me it’s also because when I fuck private it’s called private for a reason!

Who are you’re friends?

The people I speak daily!

What’s important to you right now? For the LGBTIQ+ community there are still many challenges in America, Latin America, everywhere really. What advice can you give people who are really afraid that all the progress made will disappear?

Unite together. Lots is going on these days! Now changing the flag it’s so stupid! It’s dividing us more! Keep things like how they are and unite agains people who are against LGBT and not people inside this group!

How’s your dancing?

Lol wish I could dance more then I do but I’m so busy traveling for shoots and movies! Dancing is my biggest hobby and im so happy with gayprides and summer festivals as these are my favorite gigs!


Is escorting part of what you do?

I can’t lie I have a profile! But I’m very exclusive on it!

It seems porn stars are either glorified or vilified.

Some might look at me and say: ‘Why porn which does not pay all that much? In debt to a drug dealer/bookie? Family issues? He’s gay and this is how he deals with it?’. They can think what they want. I’m good.

How do you deal with such Boogie Nights stupid stereotypes?

I don’t listen to it! I do what I love and that’s what matters, right?


Why do you think the audience and almost every known studio has responded to you so well?

I’m professional and easy going! I was a manager in life for big companies so guess that was an advantage for me! I made strict rules for myself in this work and studios know these! I can’t say what these are… not gonna tell my business secrets lol but I think of being a boy next door, having s brain and being nice and little luck my career was born! Work alcohol helps maybe also! I just love working!

Are you happy?

I am definitely

Tell us something about yourself that you haven’t told anyone, and let us know where we can see you next.

It’s a secret! A very sexual secret!





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