His own words: Logan Six

–I had always toyed with the idea of becoming a part of the adult entertainment industry, but I never really did anything about it. I have a lot of friends who are in it, but I didn’t really think it was for me.

I had done some videos that friends had posted on their onlyfans, like Jeremy Lucido, RC and Digger, and Cutler X, but I did it mostly cause they’re friends and fun to have sex with.

–And weirdly enough, when tumblr fell apart, I decided to make a twitter account to watch porn on.

Jeremy and I were texting and he posted some photos he took of me on his account and the Starrfucker account, and i ended up getting some followers.

I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to get involved.

But after a few weeks, meeting some other guys in the industry through twitter, I decided that it really seemed like something i want to do.

–I actually just made my only fans/JFF pages, I’ll be dropping them on my Twitter later today. So I’m really just starting out. But I love it, and I really enjoy people watching me get fucked,

I’m quite the exhibitionist, and always enjoyed being filmed cause it fills a similar thing.

I haven’t gotten into any major studio stuff yet, though I did a shoot for Starrfucker last week with Max Adonis, but because it’s still really new, I’m still figuring what I want to get out of it.

But honestly, Twitter is really the reason I decided to start. If it wasn’t so easy, I’m not sure if I would have gotten started in it.

But social media makes it so easy to post and get involved.

–I can make a jerk off video and post it immediately. It also makes it easy to connect with people, both other actors and fans.

I would probably say my face, my dick, and my pits are my best attributes.

–The guys I followed the most before getting into porn were Dirk Caber and Dallas Steele. I love me a daddy!!!

I usually say I’m 80% bottom/20% top. I really enjoy flip fucking, but I definitely want to end the night with a load in my ass

I got into porn mostly cause it seemed like something fun to do on the side. I’m turned on by a lot of different things, but I really love me a hairy daddy. Body hair and nice chest have always been two of my favorite things.

My favorite part of a sexual encounter would have to be the fact that I get to ride a guy. It’s usually a surefire way for me to cum.

–I watch porn. The kind of porn always depends on my mood and thirst.

Now a days I just scroll through my Twitter feed until I find something I like. But i prefer homemade stuff.

I would love to work with Dallas Steele, Dirk Caber (and his husband Jesse Jackman), and Max Konnor. So fucking sexy!

I always knew I was a bottom since i started watching gay porn. But I figured it out fairly early on when I started dating men.

It’s all about chemistry. I am primarily a bottom, but the chemistry can change everything.

Sometimes I just really wanna top a guy. And honestly, it’s al about what you prefer and what feels good.

–My biggest pet peeves are guys who link private Instagram accounts to their profiles, cause what’s the point, and guys who have completely empty profiles.

You don’t need a novel, but if it’s totally empty, take 5 minutes and show me you’re a real person.

Poppers play. I love when a guy tells me when and how long to do my poppers.

–I love a guy who has a similar taste in tv and movies. I quote a lot of movies and tv shows, and if you get my references, I’m already into it. Also someone who is genuine. Be who you are unabashedly. I love that.

I love being face fucked and I love poppers. But I’m into a lot of different fetishes.

I love being nude. I think over the past few years it’s been something I’ve become more comfortable with, both in myself and others.

I love my body, and it feels good to be nude.

–Sex education is so so so important.

I had the luxury of having some of the most advanced sex education in high school of anybody I know, but it was mostly focused on pregnancy.

We hardly talked about STIs. I constantly am talking about STIs with straight people, and many of them don’t even know you can get them in your throat.

–They just assume peeing in a cup and a blood draw will tell them everything. In school, they teach that STIs are bad and nobody tells that with many STIs you can easily get rid of them.

This creates a shame society where people don’t talk about having STIs, and often times don’t tell their sex partners when they have one.

We really need better sex education in schools that teach the reality of things, and sex education that is inclusive of all sexualities.

–I’ve met a lot of actors just being through Twitter.

Social media I think has really changed the game in the adult entertainment industry.

I’m mostly a bottom, but I can also be versatile.

My type of man varies, but body and facial hair are always great, and I love me a sexy daddy.

A really good kisser will always make me hard…



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