The Lives & Times of Nick Capra


Throughout the years, and really decades, Nick Capra has been in the public eye for better and worst.

Despite addiction, set backs, death of loved ones… this hot daddy has been an artist through and through, as well as incredibly honest about his struggles with addiction.

So… Before we talk past or future, I want to know how he’s doing. I want to know why he keeps coming back with the power that suffering can give if you know what to take.

Finding longevity in any career is very difficult, let alone the adult industry.  Far too many times you find these “one hit wonder” types that come in like a lion and out like a lamb.

However, if you are smart, witty and know a thing or two about business, you can figure out how to stay on top (pun intended) of your game and still find an insane amount of relevance years later.

One man in the gay adult industry that exemplifies this is the beautiful Nick Capra.

Nick started doing work in the gay porn industry around the time the new millennium happened, so roughly 20 years.

Chiseled looks, ability to perform and being an incredible top in each scene made him a fan favorite for many years to come.

Since his start, he has had his ups and downs in his personal life that he documents very well on his well followed social networking pages.

All of these things made it a no brainer to want to interview him and get to know him on a more personal level.

Today he is 44 years old. A mixture of Caucasian and Latin heat makes him an exotic and rare performer in the limited color palette of the g porn Industry. But that hasn’t stopped him,

In fact, it seems nothing or nobody are a match to this 200 pounds of muscle, hairy pecs, a huge dick, and a sometimes-curious asshole.

He’s already shot over close to two hundred scenes since 2002, for all the major studios. Nick comes and goes… but he always comes back to the industry. There have been many changes in the industry since he left in 2008 and came back in 2015.

The biggest change Nick Capra has seen is the numbers shifting to bareback.  When he left, it was the studios doing “lower budget” product that were exclusively doing bareback.

Now huge studios and websites, with great budgets, have gone bareback. Nick had said he wouldn’t shoot bareback videos, although he’s already shot at least half a dozen of scenes with no condoms. Initially against it, Nick has changed his mind upon learning about PrEP and Truvada.

Upon his return what he could’ve not anticipated was the surprising amount of support and enthusiasm he would generate with the audience. But given the type of connection he has allowed himself to have with fans it really shouldn’t come as any surprise.


You’re currently back in the adult industry and you’ve been almost 60 days sober… So my first question is how are you today and how does it feel to be Nick Capra in 2019?

— The first thing that comes to mind is that I’m grateful to even be alive in 2019, despite several near fatal overdoses in my addiction.

I’m grateful that my life was spared. And, that I got myself to a detox facility in northern California.

Treatment was necessary for me. I had to go through a medical detox at facility in northern California to successfully kick crack cocaine and benzos.

I treat my addiction like anyone would treat an incurable disease. I put it into remission with daily AA/NA meetings, a sponsor, and working the 12 steps. That is the only medication that works in treating my disease.

I think it was about trying to control it and getting as close to the brink of death without dying that was the rush.

Fortunately I started getting inclinations that I was about to lose control, and die. Soon enough to get help.


Since you’ve been such an open book in the countless interviews you’ve given and now through your Twitter I consider you heroic: brave, fearless, bold and vulnerable. I admire that. I think many fans of yours do. Who are YOUR heroesand who do you admire?

— Thank you for the kind words. My heroes are mostly all women. I was raised by a mother who loved me unconditionally. She is strong, wise, and powerful.

So, to answer your question, my greatest hero is my Ma.

I do have a porn crush. The only porn star who I got giddy and star struck by and is also one of my “sober heroes”: Jenna Jameson.

I also really admire the work and legacies of women like Stevie NicksTori Amos, and Sylvia Plath.


What do you think makes you interesting? 

— Interesting? Well, all addicts and alcoholics are pretty “colorful” What separates me from your typical porn star is my writing. I don’t write porn stories or fairy tales. I write about real life shit.

My addiction and how I found sobriety. Growing up with a very abusive father.  Surviving the suicide of my ex lover. Surviving cancer.

I wouldn’t call myself “interesting

But, my relationship with my fans runs pretty deep because I am relatable. They relate to my stories. And they share their stories with me. Theirs an ebb and flow between us.


What inspires the artist and performer within you versus the man behind the lens?

–As far as my performing in the sex industry. I am very picky about the rolls I play these days. Let’s face it, I’ve been doing this for 17 years now. So, I don’t do movies for the publicity.

The last movie I did, for Icon Male. I played a father who was married to a woman who was struggling with her addiction. All the while he is secretly having an affair with his step son.

Those kind of “family dynamic” rolls really inspire me as a performer, because my family life was really dysfunctional.

As far as what inspired me as a writer…I am constantly writing about situations I watch my friends go through. Relationship struggles. Personal struggles. My own struggles.

Anything that touches my heart, I write about.


The metrics by which we judge public figures has certainly changed from even ten years ago. Where does a character like Nick Capra fits into the new rules of engagement that are still being worked out?

–Well, this country is in a pretty serious state of affairs these days. Lots of disruption in politics. A lot of chaos. A lot addiction amongst performers in my industry. And, I think people are looking for hope in all this chaos. Do not be fooled. I’m a crazy, recovering addict, but my message is about solutions.

I don’t like sitting in the problem or playing “victim”. I was a hopeless dope fiend. Now, I’m a dopeless hope fiend.

I think that fits perfectly into what’s happening both in the sex industry and in the world today. My message is one of hope.


Do you think your current political discourse in American has made adult entertainment more successful and mainstream? 

— I cannot possible answer that question. I have no idea how politics affect men’s hard ons and their need to watch porn.


Do you have anything in common with your current president, Donald Trump?

— Of course. Im an entertainer. He’s the master showman. Do I like his politics? No. Do I respect him as a political figure? No.

Do I respect the fact that he managed to hustle the electoral college into believing his bullshit? Sure.

I don’t fear Trump as much as the lunatics that surround me, who voted for him.


Have you / would you ever done drag? What would be your stage name and would you have a catchphrase?

— No. I would not make for a pretty woman .I have never considered what my drag name would be.

As far as drag queens are concerned. Love them.

I’m married to Morgan McMichaels. Well, I am in my mind, anyways. 🙂


What attracted you to exposing your body for the world to see? Is there some psychology or philosophical or political stance that you are taking? What does «owning» your sexuality mean to you?

— I never sought to become a porn star.My boyfriend was a porn star. I just went to do a cam show with him one day because the model he was supposed to perform with flake.It was for Chi Chi La Rue’s cam site back in 2002. I walked in.The owner of Channel 1 Releasing met me. He made a phone call. Chi Chi appeared 20 min later. And the rest is history.


You are now in the bareback porn bandwagon…. Do you think that topic merits the debate it’s been subjected to?

–Why? prEp is so prevalent now. I take Dox prEp to avoid gonnorhea and chlamydia. (Yep. thats a ‘thing» now, too)So, why should there be an issue at all?


What are your feelings on body hair and all the labelling that happens within the gay community?

— Personally, I am hairy. Probably for lack of desire to go through the arduous task of manscaping. I whine when I have to shave my nut sack for a video. lol. I love hairy guys. I love smooth guys.

The one thing I don’t like is when men shave their legs. Stop shaving your legs!

It feels terrible when I’m spooning a guy and his legs are like a brillo pad cuz he shaved and there is regrowth.


Where does your sense of humour come from and where do you hope your career takes you – more towards mainstream acting and away from porn or the opposite?

— Porn stars take themselves waaaay too seriously. I am a dork. Admitted. I love to laugh. Mostly at myself.

It takes the edge off of life. I have no desire to become a mainstream actor. But a writer? Yes!


Straight actors in gay porn have always been hugely popular but people have varying opinions about it. What do you think about gay-for-pay?

— Oh no. When I came into the industry in 2002 all the really big porn stars were gay for pay: Jeff Stryker, Ken Ryker, Ryan Idol.

It’s a huge fantasy for many gay men. Seducing the «straight»guy. I don’t feel any differently about gay for pay than I do gay performers.

My concern is their ability to translate the emotion that is needed for the scene. I don’t care what you do with your dick when your off the set.


What are your thoughts on the racial prejudice in gay porn? 4/5 scenes are white guys, there’s a distinct lack of people of colour within gay porn. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced anything like that on set?

–That isn’t because of the studios. You have to remember something. Every scene produced creates an algorithm.

The stars who create the bigger algorithm and most downloads get rehired. the studios hire more new performers based on similar age, race, and looks of the current performers who are getting the most downloads and higher algorithms.

Don’t blame the producers for that. That’s your next door neighbor’s choice.


What are your thoughts on sex education (or the lack thereof) that happens in schools that tends to avoid gay sex and all its intricacies?

–I don’t know what they are teaching in schools these days as far as sex education is concerned. I’m 44 years old. I would like to think that it has become more progressive since I was a boy. But I don’t know.






Once you become relatable and connect with your audience, there is a bond that goes beyond a visual fantasy. That’s really cool. Let’s face it. Any mouth breather can shoot porn.

I write about stuff on those pages that other guys in the industry don’t focus on. My struggle with substances and my recovery. Body issues. Relationship stuff. Dad issues.

That’s stuff that other men and women find relatable and can sink their teeth into.

My fans contact me all the time, asking for advice on sobriety and relationships.
It makes what I do so much more fulfilling.

I’ve had an issue with drugs and alcohol long before I began my porn career. Porn has never contributed to my addiction. I take responsibility for my addiction. And now, I assume that same responsibility for my sobriety.

As I’ve gotten older, my tastes have changed. I still love my Spanish uncut men. They carry a masculinity to them that is different than American men.

However, I also have an affinity for pups – younger guys, early twenties with smooth holes. They call me daddy and curl up in my hairy chest.

Let me throw ’em around in bed. I’m becoming a dirty old man!


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