Ricky Roman: Latin Fresh in 42 questions


There’s nothing hotter than an open-book, especially when it comes to fucking, and Ricky Roman is so open about himself that I’m very curious to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve!

Ricky is in the top five of my favorite porn actors.

He’s hot, his personality on camera is addicting, and his overall presentation gives others in the industry a run for their money.


He can’t get enough screen time, IMO.

I love this boy! He has the ultimate in beautiful ink on a hot, gorgeous body. And the way those hips move…illegal. I could go on, but I truly don’t see how anyone couldn’t want to watch every scene this boy is in. More than once.

You could say that porn stars these days are, excuse the expression, coming into their own. In this new age of adult video, where producers like CockyBoys prefer a more natural light over a harsh studio setting, today’s porn idols look more comfy on set and more accessible to their audiences.


And with a command of cult status through social media and a large stake in the Instagram thirst trap economy, your gay porn actor might even parlay his fame into an independent art project or a Vivienne Westwood campaign (you keep doing you, Colby Keller).

At least Ricky Roman could build an empire on other opportunities if he wanted to.

That’s only if CockyBoys’ mythically hung demigod wasn’t having so much fun right now.


1. What do you think are your three best features? I’m guessing your ass is one of them.

I do like my ass yes, also my eyes and my hair.

2. Do family and friends know about your porn career?

My friends know as well as select members of my family, everyone that does know who is close to me are my biggest supporters positive reinforcers in my life.

3. Who did you look up to or watch before you started working in porn?

The porn I did watch was really random, I was young I won’t say how young but let’s face it most of us discover porn in our teen years. I do remember bangbus.

There was no one in particular really, I was watching a lot of straight porn at first before I allowed myself to indulge entirely in men.

It’s funny now I find myself watching straight porn more recently.


4. You’ve been both a top and a bottom in your movies, but which do you like more in real life?

When i first started having sex and for a few years on I particularly enjoyed bottoming more. In the past couple years however I truly love topping too. Depends the guy and our chemistry the role I’m going to play.

5. What’s the story behind your porn name?

I was stripping or a year already by the time I filmed my first scene. As a dancer I chose the name Ricky because I felt very Ricky Riccardo with my tan and slicked back black hair.

Roman was a name Jake Jaxson owner of Cockyboys and I came to agree on after spit balling a few ideas, I suggest I few more Mafioso names but I liked Roman, thus Ricky Roman was born.

6. Why did you decide to do porn?

I decided to get into Porn because I wanted to express my sexuality. They say get paid to do something you love. So I did. Joining an award winning studio like Cockyboys was the best outlet for me to combine a love of acting and sexual idenitity.


7. How did you get into porn industry?

One day I decided to fly a coin. Heads I would apply to some studios, tales I would forget the idea.

Guess what side of the coin was up?

I got a call from my (now) producer RJ Sebastian and I was filming my first scene the following weekend. That was over 7 years ago.

8. What type of guys turn you on?

I’m turned on by different kinds of guys for different reasons. Admittedly I enjoy someone who values fitness like me, but even more I’m turned on by someone’s confidence and swagger.

9. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body and why?

I feel like the ass is a cliche answer at this point. One of my best friends says she really likes my defined collar bones, I used to hate them but i’ve come to like them.


10. What’s your favorite sex position?

My favorite sex position is laying someone down and plowing them from the back. Giving or receiving.

11. Do you watch porn? If so, what kind of porn do you like to watch? Any favorite websites or studios?

I do watch porn. I really love amateur porn, especially when there wasA LOT of it on tumblr.

12. Name 3 porn stars you want to work with.

There are so many! Off the top of my head I gotta keep in it the family with Troy Accolla, Sean Ford, and Damien Grey.


13. You are someone who prefers to take a more submissive role in sexual situations. When did you know you were a bottom?


14. I am not too sure if I get you there… Don’t you bottom because you enjoy the intensity of having something penetrating your anus and rubbing against your prostate?

Yes isn,t that why any guy bottoms?

15. Wouldn’t know, personally. But why do you feel like you have to fit yourself within this rather reductive top-bottom binary? What about versatility? What about something else altogether?

I pride myself in versatility. Bet you didn’t know I eat great pussy too.


16. Let’s say that there’s a gay armageddon of sorts. All men will be divided into strict titles of top or bottom, and there’s no in-between. Which side would you prefer to be on?

Oh fuck well if I have to chose, bottom.

17. Beyond being insanely hot, you are also …. Can you tell us a little about your work? Don’t worry about boring anyone with details! I swear there are people out there who care about more than seeing you naked.

I enjoy filming scenes yes but I also love my night life gigs at clubs be it hosting or dancing. I still strip, and go go dance and I have fun doing it!

18. What do you see as the dividing line between erotic and pornographic? Could gay porn ever be considered art?

The two are synonymous.


19. Let’s say that you’ve been given the opportunity to direct and star in your own fantasy porno. There is an unlimited budget, and anyone (porn star or not) can appear in it. Please describe it in detail, including performers, setting and action that would be taking place.

Hmmm thats tough, I think the genre would be psycho/thriller. It would include Channing Tatum , Leonardo DiCaprio & James Dean (the original) & James Deen the porn star.

Oh, and Drew Ray Tanner from Riverdale. Woof!!!

It would scare you it would make you laugh and it would make you cum.

20. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to cruising online?

I don’t cruise online. I prefer organic experiences. I do my best work in person.

21. What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever been in your ass?

A cucumber.


22. Do you have any thoughts on bare back porn? What’s your personal policy on unprotected sex?

Knowledge is power. I get checked for STIs regularly and practice BB with people who I rust and are knowledgable about their status too.

23. What’s the most underrated sexual activity?

Good foreplay, I love to suck a nice cock.

24. Hottest cumshot you’ve ever witnessed…

Thats hard to say, I am a cumslut thought.


25. Do you remember who the first man you jerked off to was?

Yes, I was 14 he was one of my best friends, still is. We don’t hookup anymore though he’s family now.

26. What qualities turn you on in a guy? In other words, how can our readers get a date with you (or at least get you in their beds)?

As I mentioned earlier, confidence is very attractive to me. Also wit I love guy with a quick tongue.

27. If you were conducting this interview, what would you ask yourself? How would you answer that question?

I would ask myself; are you where you want to be? I would answer; not yet but stay tuned.


28. Would this interview have been awesome or awkward if it had ended with my cum on your face?

Probably awkward if all of the sudden you just came on my face.

29. You are quite the veteran in the business. How has the industry changed since you have been a part of it?

It has thickened my skin and opened my eyes to new experiences I may not have been open to had I never got into the industry.

30. Do you have a favorite fetish? What has been your favorite unconventional sex act you have performed on camera? What about a favorite performer?

As for a fetish I love when a guy licks under my foreskin while he sucks my cock. The most unconventional sex act on camera would have to be fucking myself with a huge dildo wearing Priest costume.


31. Is there any difference shooting porn in different countries? I’m not sure what the difference would be, but it has me interested. Do you prefer one to the other?

There isn’t much of a difference for me at least, I’ve been exclusive with CockyBoys thus far and I know what to expect when we travel.

32. What do you have coming up? Any projects that you’ve just finished or have coming up?

I have a couple of creative, passion projects I am working on but that’s all I will say on the matter for now.

33. Where can we follow you stud? Any when are you going to finally just end this interview and have your way with me?

You can follow me at @rickyroman91 on IG and twitter. This interview is pretty long lol.


34. There are lots of issues within the LGBTQ+ community. One that I’d like to discuss is the continuous perpetuation of the perfect body type that leads to an overabundance of eating disorders and steroid abuse. Do you feel gay porn contributes to that?

As someone that struggles with body image as well, I’m never one to shame anyone. Am I a narcissistic show off, sure, but I’m not going to tell anyone else how to live. There is something for everybody in porn today.

35. What’s been your relationship with nudity and your own body and how has it progressed since you started your career?

Ever since the first sign of puberty I was fascinated with sex and sexuality. I always enjoyed being naked and loving my naked body! My fascination still grows today!

36. Sex – especially gay sex – has so much stigma associated with it. Do you think gay porn helps to normalise sexuality?

Gay porn gives gay sex visibility. Visibility is important in normalizing things that we do in life and how we perceive them.

I’m on a journey of sexual liberation and my career is an invitation for all to liberate themselves also.


37. What are your thoughts on sex education (or the lack thereof) that happens in schools that tends to avoid gay sex and all its intricacies?

Sex ed was pretty straight forward in my schooling but I would have liked to have seen an acknowledgement of Gay/Lesbian sex because knowledge is what?


38. What are the positive aspects of porn that you’d like more people to know about that perhaps fans or other people don’t tend to realise?

I would like more people to know how many different people partake in the production of porn; both in front of and behind the camera.

Many different walks of life! I’ve met some of most interesting people in my industry as my career has gone on, intelligent people.

Lady Gaga once said, » You can be smart & in your underwear.» or in our case out of them. lol

39. What are your thoughts on the racial prejudice in gay porn? 4/5 scenes are white guys, there’s a distinct lack of people of colour within gay porn. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced anything like that on set?

I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t seen this but I’m glad to have worked with a variety of ethnicities in my experience with my studio.

A lot of people think I am latino but I am actually first generation Filipino and Italian. It’s been especially nice to represent for the Pacific Islander in me because how many can you think of?


40. What do you do to relax after a scene?

I eat a big plate of pasta and enjoy a smoke!

41. Straight actors in gay porn have become increasingly popular but people have varying opinions about it. What do you think about gay-for-pay?

I’m going to be honest I hate the term gay 4 pay because it is reductive to other performers. I get that it’s a niche, but it’s a fantasy in my humble opinion. Sexuality is a spectrum.

I recommend people who aren’t aware of the Kinsey Scale to educate themselves, it’s an interesting examination of sexual preference. If someone is willing to have sex with the same gender in any capacity they are not 100% straight.


They might be straighter than me! But not completely. I think it is a term to hide latent homosexuality behind. which in turn sends a negative message to people struggling with their own sexual identity and who seek answers in porn. It is a means of justification for a gay sex act.

I’m just like dude… its okay to be a little gay because you can be a little bit gay! I enjoy girls sometimes, I prefer men yes but I don’t limit myself. Again just my opinion. Maybe i’ll do straight for pay for pay porn, fuck it.

42. Do you find the social stigma attached to being a gay porn that leaks into areas of your life that aren’t linked to your work?

Once in a a while I come across people who don’t approve and it’s so funny to me because there is a saying in the industry, «guys are jerking off with one hand & scolding us with the other.»

MOST people watch porn whether they are willing to admit it or not! I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so much love and positivity by the people I choose to spend my time with.

I really do Iive in my own world where people have open minds and open hearts and I am grateful for that.










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