Viktor Rom: Spanish Lessons

Viktor Rom says it — he’s the real deal when dealing with a man that knows how to use the weapon between his legs. By day Viktor works as both a personal trainer and in home sales, but by night he lets his inhibitions down and fucks lots of bottoms raw in gay porn. Viktor both loves deep-dicking his guys in the missionary and doggy positions, and he enjoys them blond and muscular. Throw in a set of blue eyes, and you have a perfect combination! We certainly look forward to working with Viktor more in the future.

Please introduce yourself. How old are you? Where you are from? Where do you live now? What is your day job?

My name is Viktor Rom Visser. I’m 38 years old, I’m from Venezuela, but I live in Spain, traveling between Valencia and Barcelona, because I travel a lot for work. I work as property buying and selling and also so personal trainer.

How do you come up with your porn name, Viktor Rom?

Viktor is a Russian name that I like, that means dominate, that love the possible and impossible too. Rom is for Rome my favorite city and Visser a Holland last name that I always like.

Are you gay,straight or bi? Single or taken?

I’m bisexual, I like being with women and men that can handle a hard deep fuck. I’m single, I haven’t found that lovely and special person. I think that just comes and also I have no rush.

Why did you decide to do porn?

Since I was very young I always wanted to be a porn actor. Every time I saw the films imagined being in them. I am a man who likes to set goals and meet them. I have no limits like my fantasies I’m very pleased I shared with my followers. I am very Exhibitionism excites me to see me. every time recorded a scene I like to give my all, because I always think that behind the monitor viewer watching and enjoying while I’m fucking and drilling a hole. when I think about that I get hard so fast, that’s why I enjoy all my scenes.

How did you get into porn industry?

As I said, I always wanted to be a porn actor. I will make a brief summary in the months since November 2014 porn actor Jota Salaz told me about their work and about the filming so I decided to do them. In December last year I needed to print my ticket to ride and my printer was damaged. I called my friend and porn actor Jhon Rodriguez to help me with the ticket. I commented on the producer Kristen Bjorn and send photos to be part of the casting. While in Canary January 4 prouctora contact me Kristen Bjorn, they make me an interview via Skype and tell me to record on January 16 in Madrid. When they turned on the lights and the cameras I started to fuck so hard to my partner.

This is my opportunity to thank to Jota Salaz and Jhon Rodriguez.

Please tell us about your first porn shoot. With what studio? Who was your scene partner? What did you feel about your first porn shoot?

My first scene was for the producer Dark Room, they contacted me through Jorge Vallentinos, I made two videos for them. Where my partners were Cyrus and Max Duran. When I take off all my clothes my cock just got so hard. They took all the pics.The next day I recorded with Max Duran it was so great I fucked him so hard, I cum a lot.

Any memorable or funny stories that happen during the porn shoot?

There are two stories, one was with FuckerMate, I was finishing the stage with Aymeric de Ville, I was about to come, one of the producers he said he had an idea to continue the scene and told him to shut up. then I breathe and I managed to cum with my typical cry of pleasure. Then I apologize to the producer and laughed. The other story was with Kristen Bjorn, was recording with actor John Rodriguez was about to cum when I screamed with pleasure and producer said: “People will think you’re killing someone«. Hahahahahaha”

Viktor Rom Visser Gay Porn Star 2

Do you prefer to top or bottom? What’s your favorite sex position and why?

Just top, my favorite position is the helicopter, is perfect to drill a tight hole.

What kind of guy turns you on?

I like a man or a woman to take care of your body, mind regardless of age. To talk about different topics, to be positive, optimistic and likes to travel to know historical sites, you have an open mind and not discriminate anyone, with good sense of humor and love animals.

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body and why?

My cock, because is so big. When I fuck someone they can’t handle it and that make I get so hard fast too. I like my tattoos too, and my eyes that reflect sex and lust.

Name 3 porn stars you want to have sex scenes with.

Adam Killiam, Alex Marte, Raul korso.

Please tell us about the hottest sex you’ve ever had, with whom, where and how?

The hottest fuck I ever had was with a guy in a nudist beach. We did several positions on the beach. Then came more guys to watch, they were impressed, then I cum a lot. Then I continued fucking my partner cum too. It was in Venezuela, Puerto Escondido.

Where’s the craziest place you ever had sex?

It was in 3 different places. One, in an elevator with a girl. The 2 one in an hospital with a doctor in his office. The 3 it was in a mortuary bathroom, we did it so fast.

Do you watch porn? If so, what kind of porn you like to watch?

I like porn, so I like watching it. I like threesomes, orgy, bondage and fisting.

Viktor Rom Visser Gay Porn Star 3

Tell us 3 things people will be surprised to know about you.

I’m crazy and a pig sexually. I’m very spiritual, cheerful, funny, and very conservative person. I am a very thorough man.

What’s next for Viktor Rom?

Much more work, pleasure, large powerful scenes. I would like to work with more companies and reach out to more people with my work. I would like to work with ChiChi LaRue, any American studios, if they’ll have me.

Do you have anything else you want to share with my readers?

This is my opportunity to thanks to Kristen Bjorn, for all that work that we have being making. Thanks so much to FuckerMate and Rene Fuentes. To Dark Room and Dark Eagle, thanks to Jorge Ballantinos, partners and friends. Thanks to Jhon Rodriguez, Antonio Miracle, Jota Salaz, Max Duran, Letterio Amadeo, I love you so much guys. Thanks to my friend Ed Art who helps me with my social media and he is a big artist too.

How can your fans contact/follow you?



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