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Alex Lenderman is one of those stars that illuminate when you least expect it. Who had heard of an influencer with something substantial to say? Who would imagine that his sense of humor would be a bit strange and casual, or that his positive attitude was so genuine and splendid?

Who would say that it is not necessary to sell the soul to the devil, betray one’s own convictions or pay thousands of dollars to be famous for fifteen minutes that evaporate in a black hole of screams, voices, bodies and faces selling something …

Telling the truth and being honest is not selling something. It is to give honesty. That is the peculiarity of Lederman.


Standing and talking in front of groups or crowds is where you feel most comfortable, although you share the same charisma for lifelong learning. As he overcomes obstacles and celebrates authenticity, he fills others with enthusiasm.

Through intimate interviews, impromptu stories, improvised scenes, songs, witty jokes and inspired re-imaginations, he highlights the focus of his comedy in some of his most agitating and compelling videos on his Instagram profile.

Alex Lederman turns on all the hot spots of our bodies during each post. I think it’s inevitable: which cross between Chris Hemsworth and Scott Eastwood. His body is impressive, no doubt. His face between angelic and naughty. Always virile.

Those hairs that adorn his body, that touch of sweetness and his innocent smile give him all that spicy touch that he loves … This model is simply a traveling temptation that loves life, sports, embraces happiness and hates toxic masculinity …

Do we ask for more? Well of course!

– This is your chance to introduce yourself. What should we know about Alex Lederman?

Alex Lederman is a very lucky human being. I have been able to learn from all my most serious mistakes and turn them around with the help of all my support. I don’t take many things very seriously, but I try my best at any opportunity given to me.

– You are an actor, model and Instagram influencer. How did you start your career?

My «career» started on tumblr, I guess. I was depressed and self-destructive, but I downloaded it on my blog (like all teenagers in late 2009). I made the transition to Instagram and everything went like a snowball from there. I like to think that it was due to my transparency with mental health and fitness.


– What made you get into modeling?

Honestly, the people who follow me. I have worked on some brutal jobs and thought that was my way. But some of the amazing people who follow me asked me to try, so I finally gave in to peer pressure.


– What is your daily fitness routine?

I start all training with a heavy and controlled «compound lift» (squats, bench, deadlift, etc.). After that I am left with super series of high repetitions to condition the muscle that I have already exhausted. I keep the tests short to keep my heart rate high, so I burn as many calories as I can. Two birds, one stone.

– Tell me about your career as an actor.

It is in its infancy. But, I hope it continues to grow. My resume is short, but I had a lead roll in an after school CBBC program called «Live It.» It was canceled He was not very good at that time.


– What next projects for 2019 do you have?

There are some things in the works, but I will not deceive them. I am happy that they include speech rolls.


– See you in multiple photo sessions of athletic themes. Do you play any sport yourself?

I do! Recently I started playing semi-professional football. I used to play in college, but it was never good. I’m in the best form I’ve ever been, so I thought, why not?

– You’re also a dad. How will you balance work with home life?

Obviously there are many sexual issues in almost all my work. But, like most jobs, I don’t bring it home with me. Being a father is what I like to do the most.

Definitely. I could not be more grateful to be able to provide my children in a way that still allows me to enjoy a lot of time with them.

– Let’s talk fashion. What are your favorite trends right now?

Fanny packs, hanging earrings, maxi dresses to men. Not sure if any of these are trending now. Being a father keeps me out of the circle. If I could not choose. He wore boots, jeans and a baseball cap every day.


– Next vacations?

I have to make Disney happen.


– Your ideal co-star?

Chris Pratt. Everyone says I remember him. So I would like to see if we are really the same and if we go crazy with each other.

– Favorite show to watch full?

The Office runs in a loop in my house.





– Where can fans follow you on social media?

Instagram @lexlederman

Twitter es @lexnstuff


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