Drew Dixon: orally open

«What would you do to me right now?«, asks Devin Dixon. Not to me, but to all of us.

It’s a tweet dated as couple of weeks back. And there’s also HIS backside…

Were talking about a very sexual British hunk who loves taking the biggest monster cock bareback, gapinc his hole and filling it up!

I’ve been tracking his evolution on a strictly superficial level, and he’s looking SO EFFIN’ HOT; so ripped, so defined.

But what’s fascinating is how natural his performances are…

It just strikes a chord with viewers: one can tell he’s really a passionate and hungry pup.

I find myself in utter disbelief every time I see one of your clips. Bravo 👏🏻

«Yeah the last few days has been busy, and this week will be even busier

I try and at least acknowledge that I’ve seen them by liking the comments

I believe if someone has taken the time to write to me, the least I can do is acknowledge I have seen it.»

«I want a guy to breed my hole, so I can push my load back out into his mouth, and then he’ll kiss me with his second hand spunk so I can see what my hole tastes like.»

«There’s nothing hotter than a big fat cock gliding deep into my hole and pulling it back out, leaving my hole gapped before he spits on it and goes back in for a long hard pump.»

«I spent last year in a relationship where he was 99% the top, therefore I was 99% the bottom. This worked for me though, I live to bottom and it allowed me to get better at it.»

I will still warm my hole up before things like DP and Fisting using toys. I have a great square Peg butt plug I love to use to help stretch me

«I work everyday between 60 to 90 minutes; I’ll have a day for chest, back, shoulders, legs but also spend a day cardio. The heart is a muscle too so you need to keep that strong»

«I was a competitive swimmer growing up.»

«I spent 10 years working in retail before porn.»

«I get my work ethic from my parents who made sure I never went with out.»

«I am lucky and grateful to have a family that support and accept my career and life choices. I am an Aquarius and a dog person; although… I do not own any pets

«I spent my 20’s in two very long term relationships, now is my time to be single and free.»

«I am a creative person with a vivid imagination. I have a very exaggerated sense if humour.»

«I never had a threesome until I was 29

«I had never been fisted until I was 30

«I believe in fate and everything happens for a reason

«Bucket list is Tokyo, Iceland for thenorthern lights and the Rio carnival

«I have 6 tattoos in total. I weigh 78kg.»

So that’s a YES. Drew Dixon loves to get impaled at different levels and speeds, all kinds of shapes and sizes.

He’s a constant: a completely versatile and gifted performer that goes the extra couple of miles.

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