Michael Boston: The future is in his ass

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Michael Boston is a kinky muscled ass hunk.

Almost three years ago he was ready to make and save some money. He knew what it would take; a wild and new ride he’d never done before: gay porn.

The former dancer grew up salivating for a dick, while he learned to «be a good boy«. He lost his virginity in his very late teens and discovered that nothing gets him hotter than a good makeout sessions.

But this good guy went bad and boy, isn’t he dirty. He has tested many boundaries, he has brought a new fresh style to porn. His ass is already legendary…

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01. Michael, thanks for taking the time and giving us the honor of having a chance to speak to you. What’s it like to be a porn star almost two years running. Take us through your amazing highlights as a performer in the industry.

I’ve been in the industry for almost two years. Started in February 2018. One of my favorite moments so far was when I was a trophy boy at the grabbys. That was such a fun trip.

02. Can you give me a little background? Where are you from and what brought you to porn in the first place?

Born in England, moved to the USA when I was 2, dual citizen. I wanted to do porn because I was tired of my low paying conventional job and wanted to do something more exciting.

03. How did you feel when you first began?

When I first started it felt pretty natural to me. Being sexual on camera didn’t scare me, it was exhilarating.

04. What was your first scene and who was it with? Tell us a bit about how it was for you.

My first scene was with a guy named Benjamin Dover, he had a 9in cock and everyone was trying to scare me about it, but we did pretty well.

05. Feel free to mention anything else you’d like to tell me or promote.


06. So going back: You top and bottom in your scenes, do you have a preference? Because you KNOW that more than two thirds of the audience prefers you as a bottom…

I’m cool with whatever, I do what the director and what the studio would require of me. Most of the time it is bottoming. I guess I don’t blame them though, I’ve scene my ass too. Lol

07. Which one of your scene partners kissed the best?

So far my favorite kissers would have to be between Steven Lee and Wesley Woods.

08. Whose cock did you enjoy sucking the most?

Colton Reece’s cock was amazing to suck on.

09. Who gave you the best head?

Last person that gave me really good head was Johnny D on next door.

10. Which top gave you the best ass pounding?

Myles Landon Gave me the best pounding, he knows how to work a prostrate.

11. And how about bottoms, which one did you enjoy fucking the most?

Ryan Pitt was my favorite guy to top because he has never bottomed before. It was kind of hot to fuck a guy that has never bottomed.

12. You already did a couple of gangbang scenes as a bottom. Are there a couple of things that you’re itching to try in future scenes?

Probably gang bangs with more than 3 people, more orgys, and maybe some more outside shoots.

13. If you weren’t a porn star and could have any career you wanted, what do you think you’d be doing?

I would be a nurse, I like to help people and I don’t like seeing people in pain.

14. Do you have a favorite scene? And why?

I don’t think I really have a favorite scene just yet. I have partners that I’ve worked with that I love.

15. Other than myself, have you ever had a crazy fan, a stalker type that made you really uneasy?

No one has made me feel uneasy, yet. Lol. I like talking to people.

16. When it’s just you and a guy in bed without the cameras rolling, are you more like or less like your porn persona?

What I bring on camera is pretty close to what I’m like in real life. I can be quiet and shy but when it comes to sex in all in.

17. How do you like to start your day?

Typically I like to start my day by going to the gym. If I had a boyfriend it would be morning sex then gym. Lol.

18. When you have down time, what’s your favourite place in the world to visit?

To be honest if I have nothing to do I like to be home with my family.

19. Could you elaborate?

I love my family. We used to have follow patterns; but we left that years ago.

20. If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

I’m such a big girl, but Mariah Carey or P!nk. They’re two of my favorite singers.

21. What’s the one sexual thing that you’ve always wanted to explore but haven’t yet in your personal life?

The one thing I’d like to explore one day is what it’s like to have a meaningful relationship with a romantic partner. Lol.

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