Alex Mecum: The Great Wide-Open


Alex Mecum makes me excited. He stands out: rockin’ that chest hair and broad shoulders. He’s got the chiseled looks, the sexiness, and the perfect soft side.

«I’ve always been somewhat of an exhibitionist, and also a “pleaser.” The idea of having sex on camera and turning other people on is just something that turns me on. Another reason I decided to do get into hardcore porn was because I’m a student again, and I was tired of being trapped here. I love traveling and meeting new people.«

Alex  also gets hemorrhoids once a year. He’s even shot a couple of scenes with his ass rocking grape-sized hemorrhoid that has since been dubbed ‘Matilda‘.

«After quitting my full time job, there hasn’t been much of an ability to travel on my part. Doing this has given me the ability to travel again and I have met so many wonderful people doing it.»

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Mecum started his gay porn career doing solo scenes for bodybuilder jerk off site Then, just months later, the smoldering, well-endowed muscle hunk burst (literally!) onto the hardcore gay porn scene with his first two duo scenes on CockyBoys.

It’s very different from real sex but I think that’s one of the most important things I learned,” said Mecum, “was what is real, what is something that you’re doing for the camera.


When asked about partnering with gay-for-pay actors, Mecum said: “For me, I worked with a lot of gay-for-pay actors and sometimes I felt like I had a better connection with them than some of the gay people I worked with. That’s one thing I learned from doing porn, coming from a background where I had to compartmentalize everything, is that the world is actually full of people who are very diverse.


Asked about how his Mormon upbringing has shaped how he sees what he does,  Mecum said: “A lot of shame is associated with nudity, accepting one’s body, and being able to be comfortable with someone naked…I think you’re in a very vulnerable position when you’re naked. That’s what porn has sort of taught me – is being able to be vulnerable, open, and accepting for what you are when you’re naked.

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– Why did you first get into porn?

Well, its been said that you know you’re in the right career if you would do the same work without getting paid – I’ll definitely have sex with or without the paycheck [laughs]. Actually, I guess it was a few years in the making. I was somewhat of an exhibitionist when I was a teenager.

I first started doing erotic gay modeling and have been photographed by some pretty awesome artists like Mark Henderson, Kevin Hoover and Rick Day, all who have publications specifically geared toward that type of modeling.It was really an opportune time when I was asked to do porn: I was working three part-time jobs, continuing my education and conducting research for a grant I had received.


– So what happened?

I found that I was overstressed, constantly worried about finances and, in general, not enjoying my life. I would say the reason I got into this industry was because I wanted the ability to enjoy the things I used to enjoy: Traveling, spending time with family and friends, being able to donate time and money to worthy causes and letting my ambition to make decisions rather than my wallet.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and  not just endured. I still tutor math, but I now do it because I enjoy it and not because I rely on it for income.


– What was your first day on a porn set like?

I really wasn’t prepared. My first scene was with Cocky Boys. I couldn’t have asked for a better studio to begin work with than them. They were amazing.

I was actually very stressed out. I worried about how I looked, how I would perform, what my partner would think of me, etc. I didn’t realize how much production work went into these as well.

I just figured you had sex. In reality, there is so much work that is done behind the scenes to make sure lighting is good, the backdrop is visually compelling, sound mike is in an ideal location and so much more.

Then, as far as the actors are concerned, hormones need to be in the right state, penetration has to be clearly seen, extended takes occur in order to get all the different camera angles needed for post-production. It was a lot for me being my first scene.


What have you found challenging about performing in a sex scene?

Well, this is definitely not “easy money” like people seem to assume it is. I’ve done modeling before but mostly you only have to find the energy between you and the artist. In porn, there’s the artist’s concept that you want to portray, working with someone else who is different from you, and then taking in those energies and concepts and turning yourself on for hours on end so you can perform.


– Do you watch a lot of porn yourself?

Not really actually. These days, I do in order to see what I think looks good. I want to be the best I can be and watching sort of helps me figure out what looks hot. This really is an art in my opinion. Sometimes there’s more opportunity to apply these things than other times. It all depends on what the director wants done. Sometimes I really have no clue on what would look best in what position we’re asked to do.


One of the things you’re known for is your “explosive” cum shot. When did you first realize you could shoot so much, and are the loads always that big? What’s the secret to achieving an explosive cum shot?

Ha ha! Well, I was always aiming to shoot further when I was a teenager. My first encounter with material that turned me on was a website that was geared towards penis enlargement and penis exercises.

Coming from my background, there was a lot of shame concerning sexuality and sexual behavior, so I actually felt bad for quite a bit of my teenage years when I’d cum. So, I focused more of my energy on doing penis exercises and edging.

I think that those helped my cum shots, actually. Kegel exercises control cumming, too. Also, postponing orgasm is something I think that helps. Before a shoot, I don’t cum for at least four days.

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– What is the biggest misconception people have about working in porn?

I think people sometimes generalize porn actors as irresponsible, unable to hold a real job, or holding a life of partying and drugs. Generalizations rarely reflect reality in my experience. Of course, there are all types of people in porn.

I think that’s what makes it fun. It’s fun to see all the different personalities that get together to make these videos. I’ve met some very smart, creative, charismatic and handsome people in this industry who apply their talents in different ways.


– How do you keep in such great shape? What’s your workout routine like?
I go to the gym almost every day. It’s sort of like my time to regroup and refocus my energy. I don’t workout with friends since I prefer to focus on what I have going on. I start out doing compound exercises and then narrow my workouts towards my target muscle group.


– Have you ever had a chemistry problem with a scene partner?

Yes, I have. I think that’s what producers fear the most. Just like real life, there are people you click with and people you don’t. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that personality goes a long way in porn. Looks are very much secondary.


– What do you think of labels like “top” and “bottom,” in general?
I think labels are stupid. I never understood the whole masculine/feminine attribution to sexual preferences. I think it’s very demeaning to people, and very sexist. In the American culture where men are still given preference.

I think we in the LGBT community should know better than to continue this terrible tradition by labeling something as masculine or feminine and placing a value on it. Honestly, I think being a bottom is very admirable. That takes practice and an ability to control your body.


– Has working in porn impacted your sex life in your private life?

Yes. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned about what I’m insecure about and how I view myself sexually and also how I view others. It’s been very good. You really realize doing this how human we all are, what needs we all have, and the desire we have to be accepted. It’s been a very humanizing experience.


Just look at this flawless guy, with his dark yet slightly salt ‘n’ pepper hair, ripped muscular physique, deep blue eyes, his head-to-toe hairiness and of course that big, thick cock.


Alex Mecum has a huge list of talents and qualities. He’s a classically trained pianist, singer, scholar, health fanatic and now he’s taking on modeling in fashion, fitness and adult gay erotica.




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