Carter Dane: Muscle Ass Is On Fire


Carter Dane is something extraordinary. He’s very handsome, and he’s got an amazing back and ass. He is incredibly into every scene he does, and Cockyboys figured out he gets even more turned on if he can watch himself getting fucked in a mirror.

In fact, two of his hottest first scenes as an Exclusive (with Gabriel Clark and Colby Keller) show them first worshipping his body and then fucking it as he watches it all.

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Carter Dane is a gay pornstar who’s mostly seen as a bottom, though he’ll get on top if the occasion calls for it.

Personally, I find his narcissistic exhibitionism incredibly arousing.  That, and the fact that he’s openly gay and a certified bottom make him irresistible.


Originally from Canada, he has that hot and kind Canadian demeanor, plus he’s bilingual (French/English) because he’s from Montreal, Quebec.

He decided to try porn because he was always fascinated by porno flicks.


«Although I had always been drawn to the idea of a porn career, it was my best friend who had to finally give me that last little push. This led me to apply to a few studios including for whom I shot my first scene in Men in Canada.

Soon after I was told to look into Cockyboys and they allowed me to make that amazing scene with Colby Keller I had been fantasizing about for so long a reality. Binbadaboom! An exclusive contract was issued and here I am today.»


«Working in this industry gave me the chance to meet people who are, for the most part, comfortable sexually therefore at ease with talking about it. Porn has made me a better communicator in my sex life, enriching every bit of it.»


Before he knew it he was shooting porn with Diego Sans for his first scene.

Amen to the lack of tattoos, making Carter Dane just that much hotter…


– «Diego Sans, with his playful personality and gorgeous smile, dissipated whatever anxiety was left. I already had a fan crush on Diego, so at first I couldn’t look into his eyes! But there’s nothing that a good kiss won’t cure.

Actually, Diego did not think I was his scene partner when we met for the first time. Himself, along with the crew, had arrived a day later than originally planned due the major snowstorm that hit New York earlier this year.»


– «So I was at the hotel in the room Diego and were going to share, when he walked in still flustered by the limited time left before shooting. I remember his confusion when he saw me as I was not at all who he was told I was going to be.

The awkwardness that followed was so palpable I was dying to just hide under my bed. Obviously we warmed up to one another afterwards, but I will always remember how much I wanted to disappear in that instant!»


Carter Dane is a Scorpio (born October 26th) and he’s a total romantic at heart: he loves kissing as a part of sex and he’s a huge sucker for a nice smile.

He’s surely one of the hottest gay porn models. Probably ever. And everyone in the industry seems to be talking about this hottie and anticipating his upcoming sex scenes, where he’s always getting pounded.


He says he loves getting fucked and breathing into the dick that’s penetrating him. He loves to feel his mans cock inside of him, both of them exhaling at the same time. He also says passion is a requirement, as well as a partner who really know what he’s doing.

«I’m a bit more driven to exhibitionism. Just having the thought of potentially getting caught, the idea of someone watching just lingering is everything. The touch of a man, sometimes a strong hold that a male can bring makes me pre-cum. Just pleasure me!»


– «Don’t be afraid to react. Don’t force it. But I’m more of a vocal bottom I think. I like vocalizing my pleasure and that will surely make my body tingle. I love to cum at the same time with a man. That’s 2 bodies becoming one. It’s so hot to be in sync like that.»


Carter won Best Newcomer at the Grabby Awards 2017 and he’s so adorably humble about it all!

Just as gorgeous fully clothed as he is fully naked on all fours so he can arch his back and kiss his lover…

«I love confidence and a man that oozes control, that’s the perfect situation for me. I like kindness and roughness, it depends. I don’t know what it is… but the connection with a man who can really pound my ass makes me go mad. Just thinking about it makes me want to jerk off.»


Carter has a seriously hot body with washboard abs and one of the cutest butts in the whole wide world.

There’s truly no better sight than watching Carter Dane get bent over, getting rimmed and having his world-class bubble butt probed, sending the impending bottom into moaning ecstasy.

He clearly spends a lot of time at the gym and taking care of himself so that his muscles are popping in proper fashion for his porn shoots!


Let’s talk about growing up in Quebec. What was your experience coming to terms with your homosexuality and how did coming out and exploring your pleasure work out for you in the beginning?

– I remember I grew up in the woods and I didn’t have any neighbors. My imagination just ran wild. It was some employees of my dad that taught me I was definitely gay. I was only 10 at the time so it took me a couple of years to come out to everyone in my family, and they were very progressive thinking people, I have to say.

Then in college, I went into Performing Arts including ballet. I really wanted to find a way to combine physical activity and arts. That’s were I first started enjoying expressing myself with my body. I obviously still do. I’ve always been an exhibitionist.


I read a comment that said: «He’s hot. Why can’t this nice young man get a proper job?» What is your reaction to comments like that one, that have no basis on anything other than prejudice?

. Well, that’s just one of many stigmas. A lot of people assume that if you do porn then something in your life didn’t go quite right. It’s very Boogie Nights… and most people don’t have the facts, and not even people who follow you are really gonna get to know you, really.

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– So it works both ways… What you see is that you get, but what you take away with it when it comes to me exposing my most intimate moments; well… that’s up to you. No matter what I say.

Everything for me, though, has been illuminating. I feel such freedom and and enlightment doing gay porn. I really do.


So that’s why you do porn? Aren’t you putting yourself in such a vulnerable position?

– Not if I have the power.

Because I put myself out there with pride. I want to make other make other men get in touch with their sexuality. Sex isn’t wrong. When you do porn you do take a close look at yourself.

The real reason I started doing porn is simple: I wanted a different way to express myself. And I get to be sexually open with gorgeous men.


You come off as a very secure and proud gay bottom. With so much bottom-shaming in gay culture, how did you come to terms with your desires and accepting yourself?

– It’s a journey that I don’t think ever ends. It’s definitely continuous; and there’s been different stages of it. I think a big moment was after I finished ballet, and I stopped. I just looked at myself in the mirror and I remember doubting if I had ever been happy, or if I wanted to go back.

I was lying down in a park in Montreal and I asked myself, for real, am I actually happy? And I just started balling, um… I realized that, you know what?, no, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t love myself, so yeah…


– I realized that I needed to strive for that. That would be my mission in life. It was painful, but it was great. So I started to live for myself a little more; doing things that I enjoyed since I was a kid.

I needed to make that inner child happy… or else I would just be fooling myself, and that wasn’t an option for me anymore.


Do you prefer to top or bottom? What’s your favorite sex position and why?

– I believe most must have a pretty good idea of what my answer is and you are probably right. My heart seems to have set its mind on bottoming.

I really enjoy doggy style because I like arching my back while kissing my partner and because in that position you get a good ass-hip clapping that I just love hearing.

I am a more of an auditory-driven individual.

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Would you say that you are a man that struggled to love his bottom self?

– Yeah, I try. I don’t know what it is about society in general that somewhere along the way there’s this bad connotation for being a bottom. I don’t understand it.

I love being a bottom!

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– I feel that sometimes people will think that if you’re the bottom then you’re «the girl«, but I love a dick in my ass and I can tell you that only makes me more of a man.

I used to be ashamed until I said, «fuck it!». I’m a man who loves to have another man inside of me.


But you can be versatile as well, right?

– To be completely honest, I don’t only bottom. I also top rarely with my partners, I just go with the flow but I know my preference. I don’t wan’t to close my mind, because I feel that’s what labels do: they close people minds. And I like to stay very open.

What turns you on sexually?
– Kissing! Kissing is the ultimate key to a full «treat myself» on my part.

Kissing wherever, whenever is my kryptonite. I feel weak in the knees the moment I feel someone’s lips on my obliques, my back and my ass cheeks.

Of course, there are many other turn-ons that could be listed, but my top priority is by far kissing and I really want to press that point!


What kind of porn did you watch before you decided to get into the industry? Are there any performers you’ve admired over the years?

– I think the very first porn videos I saw were from MenAtPlay and Pacific Sun Studios. I love uniforms and white or blue collar porn. And call me old fashioned, but I truly enjoy a storyline.

As cheesy as they might sometimes be, I crave a fantasy scenario before getting off. For performers, Blake Harper, Marc Dylan, Darius Ferdynand and Marco Rubi were and are some of my major inspirations.


You have an amazing body what is your workout routine like?

– Hmmm… I jog first thing in the morning, then go to the gym 5-6 days/week while splitting up the different muscle groups.

However, it does change pretty often depending on my goals. In all honesty, the credit for my butt goes to fitness model Bryan Hawn, who I discovered by watching his parody music videos. He’s got the biggest bubble butt of all time!

Other than that I try to watch what I eat, go to the gym, yoga and still take a few ballet classes here and there.


– Also, one’s routine is decided by levels, goals, etc. hence I feel like «following» my workout routine would not be a good idea.

Plus I am no expert. But eh, I am sure Diego Sans or any other personal trainers out there could better explain what a good routine looks like ;). could better explain what a good routine looks like.


What do you think is the sexiest part of your body and why?

– Ha ha! I was dreading that question. Well from what I gathered so far from social medias, my butt seems to be getting a lot of attention, but I personally am quite proud of my back line.

After all those years on the farm, on my school swim team and then finally in ballet, I have to notice that it is now really deeply carved in my back and I just like my spine’s flexibility!


Who has been your favorite Cockboy to get naked with so far?

– That is a hard one, literally and figuratively.

I am always uncomfortable picking, since I can find ways of complimenting every scene partner I have had, especially my parter Alex Mecum.


– I have been fortunate enough to get to work with some of the A-lists of the industry… and as I get to work with more and more talent… well, every experience is different.

But at Cockyboys initially, I have to say that my lust and desire for Colby Keller quickly found a match in Adam Ramzi. And then I met Alex.


– My favorite scene at the moment is the last one I did with Alex. That was just pure, raw love-making. I came more than once, that’s for sure.

I was just being myself, in the moment. I even forgot we were being filmed a couple of times… But I will let you guys be the judge of that.

In between shooting with Men and signing with CockyBoys, you shot with Falcon

– Right, first with Sebastian Kross. The tattoos on his sculpted chest were all my eyes could see. Well, until he pulled down his briefs.

Then my attention was focused on his dick for the rest of the scene. I love it when shorter guys have these huge dicks! It’s always a welcome surprise!


And you also shot with Ryan Rose?

– Yes, the golden boy, Ryan Rose. Ryan looks very much like a jock I had a huge crush on for most of high school.

I got lost in Ryan’s eyes throughout the scene.


– I had to remind myself to snap out of it before I started drooling.

His dick was a perfect fit for me, so riding it was sensational.

Also, both of us being Scorpio might explain the chemistry we had.

What has been the best thing about working in porn so far?

– As I confess in my scene with Adam Ramzi, the intimate chemistry that I have been lucky enough to share with some of scene partners is undeniably why I’m still here.

Granted, sometimes I might have wished I shied away from getting too close. That being said, I could never let myself regret falling for Alex Mecum, who I met on set, or else I fear I would miss out.

«Live and learn» for sure, but «live» is required for that.


When you aren’t filming porn or working, what do you do in your free time?

– I very much enjoy traveling, so the moment I have a few days off in a row I’ll try to go on a little escapade to see some friends, or even by myself for simple personal growth.

If not, I drive down to spend time with my man and my family, enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.


Has working in porn had any impact on sex in your private life?

– Well, working in this industry gave me the chance to meet people who are, for the most part, comfortable sexually therefore at ease with talking about it.

«Communication is key» is not just a saying and it is valid in so many areas in one’s life, including when having sex.

So to answer your question before I blab on for hours, porn has made me a better communicator in my sex life, enriching every bit of it.


What has been your favorite city to travel to?

– Hard to say, to be honest. I really like Barcelona since I’m more of an appetizer than main course kind of guy—dinner consisting of tapas is just perfect! Oh, and the men! There is a god-like Spaniard at every corner.


If you could pick any celebrity to film a gay porn scene with, who would you pick, and why?

– Chris Evans. I think he is hilarious, so I know we’d have a great time filming. And he, like Alex, is freaking Captain America, so I think it’s a given that the final result would be sizzling hot.

Finally, he is very pro-gay, so with lots of will and effort it could potentially be possible, no?







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