Max Adonis Interview: Opening Up

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Max Adonis is one of those performers that has evolved at the speed of one of those thick wads of man chowder he loves taking in his beautiful face: this is a man who has become more and more in touch with his sexuality, who he is and what makes him tick right in front of our very eyes.

He’s almost a spiritual performer: there’s an evolution and a higher level of awareness.

The way Max moves and talks, the light in his eyes when he discovers a big cock and that vocal symphony that comes out of his mouth when he’s getting fucked is like a new religion…

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He’s aware of how much he loves sucking, fucking and cuming; always engaging with his partners and his own body.

Gay porn is, after all, something Max Adonis was always destined to do.


Max Adonis has worked with adult movie studios including Cockyboys.comBoom Box, and NakedSword. He is highly talented and has acted in videos which involve 18 categories. The range of categories includes caucasian male scenes, family characters and also gay amateurs.

Mr. Max Adonis has worked with a number of stars including Carter DaneZander Lane as well as Adam Killian.

Of all of his costars, you can see Max paired most frequently with Cade Maddox. The pair has been in 4 films together. Their most recent joint effort, Blended Family, became available in 2019 by Icon Male.

The collection of videos in which they have appeared together also includes Max in the City (Falcon Studios), Raw Fuck Machine (, and Tie Me Up! Dick Me Down! (Jake Jaxson).


The list of films in which Mr. Adonis has acted contains Before the AfterglowBlack On White and Tie Me Up! Dick Me Down!.

Fewer than half of his films are part of a series. The collection of film series in which Max Adonis is featured includes Dudes In PublicMixTape and Black on White (Noir Male).

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«I always wanted to do porn since I was very young. I would always watch it and jerk off, many times I would get off fantasizing about putting myself in that scenario and I would always pleasure myself to that idea.«

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«I thought there’s no way that anyone can take a dick up his ass and enjoy it… I thought it was all fake!», Max explains as he confesses that he learned everything he knew about sex as a teenager through gay porn.

He says he grew up thinking that the porn he watched was what sex would be like in real life.

«I like being told I’m beautiful, and feeling needed and wanted. I love being looked at, being admired… yes, for my body, but I would also love for people to get to know me.»

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As a gay porn star all of his fans have gotten to know pieces of him through his amazing body of work, but especially throughout his online presence on InstagramTwitter, Just4Fans, and

«I try to be myself in any situation. People are only going to see 25% of that, because they mostly see me or associate me with fucking. So, yeah, most people will never truly know who I am… but I want them to try.»

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«I was adopted by my parents, growing up. I don’t really know my biological parents so growing up was a little difficult, for sure. That definitely helped me develop abandonment issues. Like I would meet someone, and I would latch on very easily, I would get so excited and eventually I would get really upset when the relationship wouldn’t work out.»

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«I feel like life for me has been like a flip of a coin. One side was a very negative side. And now it has tossed and flipped off the other way. When I moved to California I left behind my support system, and I was very lonely and vulnerable.

At that time, someone who was very close to me, had helped me move to California because he believed in me and he put himself out there for me. It was a very intimate relationship, there was definitely a big difference in age.

He wanted to join me in this journey, and that would have required him to leave a lot of things behind like his significant other and I didn’t feel like I deserved all the support he had already given me. I didn’t feel like I was special, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.»

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«I was very fortunate, but I had to cut that relationship off and do it in my own way. I was willing to do anything to get out. I’m still not sure I thought everything through with this older man. He really changed who I was.

When I left, that really shaped who I am because I realized I was taking advantage of this sugar daddy. I didn’t want to continue on that road. Part of my character is that I want to be strong. I don’t want to be inadequate. 

The universe is a very uncertain place. And I have to remind myself to be honest, and humble and try to make things work for me.»

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«I know I usually don’t wear a lot of clothes and if you ever go to my Instagram I’m almost always kind of naked. There’s a difference between taking a sexy picture of yourself and really doing the most intimate thing that you can do with another person on camera.

It takes a certain person to be comfortable enough to get fully naked on camera and share their sexuality with the world. I feel truly blessed that I keep growing in every sense of the word, but I’m not leaving my vulnerability aside. 

I will definitely always keep myself open, also in every sense of the word, and I’ll be sharing that with my fans for as long as they want me!»

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Hair: Brown | Eyes: Blue | Size: 7.5 | Sexual Positions: Versatile Bottom |

Favorite Foods: Vegan | Favorite City: Nyc | Hobbies: Working Out, Singing, Cooking

Likes The Most: People With Good Energy | Doesn’t Like: Bad Movies And Dumb Jokes

Best Thing About Max: «My optimistic outlook»

Worst Thing About Max: «I Always Want To Sleep In»

How To Make Max Happy: Have A Great Smile And A Big Cock

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