Adam Ramzi: Sexual Healer (Interview)


When it comes to erotic content, Adam Ramzi brings a lot more to the table than good looks.

He brings authenticity, intention and charm – and translates all of it to film. It’s enchanting to work with Adam, and mesmerizing to watch his videos.

His luminescent eyes are the color of honey. His thick, dark beard is begging for scratchy kisses.

And his strong, lightly-furred body will give just about anyone – myself included – some serious daddy issues.


«I always try to ground my performances in some intense reality. But I also have to contort your body to the camera. It’s something you HAVE to do if you’re doing Studio porn.

It’s especially hard to do while having a dick inside. But I always manage to get something real out of it: every cock, every load, every scene, crew and partner.»


That’s one of hundreds of tips Adam Ramzi may throw your way if you wanna get into the gay porn business.

Now virtually a veteran on the scene -at least, certainly an icon. Gay porn stars may come and go, but handsome Armenian Ramzi sure has proven to be a keeper!

This beautiful human is the true definition of tall, dark and handsome with olive skin, a roguish gaze, a handsome face, and an athletic frame.



Adam Ramzi is versatile and cum-eater in look and in taste and position, Adam packs heat in the front with a substantial cock…and in the back with a round, firm ass.

All of this and he’s got a sexy dusting of hair in all the right places. He’s undeniably one of the hottest performers to appear in most of the greatest gay porn scenes since 2013, when he made his scorching and temperamental debut performance.


He’s kind of a jack-of-many-trades.  Adam loves movies, is a musician, writer, and has a masters degree in LGBT-specialized clinical psychology.

He’s played dodgeball in a competitive league for over under eight years, and loves camping.

«Sex is something we shouldn’t be so scared of, so it’s been a wonderful little experiment.»

This barely scratches the surface…


His body, and the appearance of such, is his tool for work now. Some people only want to see that aspect, he confirms. But there’s so much more to him: different strokes for different folks.

Certain members of his family used to think he was ruining his life, but others were extremely supportive.

When his mom knows he’s shooting, she’ll send texts like, “How’s work, honey?” One time, she even called Adam to ask which studio he worked at for a friend. He secretly loved it.


«There’s much more to me than the persona of Adam Ramzi, but I have to know where my body is front and center, it’s what people see first… and I have to be okay with that.

I’ve learned to take better care of myself, getting rid of the toxic. It’s been six years now and my body has changed as a 38 year old man. I sometimes look at pictures of myself from all those years ago when I first started, and it shocks me how fit and thin I was. I wish somebody had told me. Ha ha.»



He’s still getting hired to use his new otter-y body to do gay erotica, and he’s getting payed for it. He admits the calls are not as frequent. But the connections are always different and singular with each individual.

Ramzi is figuring out how to be a daddy… because he’s not the new shiny 30 year old man pussy any more. Yeah, he’s getting older, wiser and sexier than ever.



You have a Ph.D. in psychology, with an emphasis on the LGBTQ community. Please share with my readers the aspects of the community that you see your work addressing.

Unfortunately, I have not begun the process of pursuing a Ph.D. yet, but I do have the masters and am on track toward an MFT license. The recurring theme with my clients tends to be shame-based. We have a lot of shame in our community, and it affects how we connect with others, how we feel about sex, and how we self-actualize.

Are you currently practicing? If so, where?

I’m currently practicing in the Larchmont Village neighborhood in Los Angeles, under the supervision of LMFT Mark Friedes. He’s super capable and very sex-positive, and I’m so lucky to have his guidance.


What issues/concerns do gay men most often present to you in your practice?

Without getting into too many specifics, it’s almost always relational stuff. Clients and fellas who write in to my sex and love advice column (on gay lifestyle blog, Where Gentlemen Go) almost always are exploring alternative relationship styles, and are looking for ways to feel better about wanting to experience connection outside of the normative relationship model. I feel very fortunate to be an advocate for such exploration.

What do you want the LGBTQ community to understand about seeking psychological help?

That we are here to help! It can only help, even if you attend a single session. There is no need to feel ashamed of wanting to look deeper. Even the uncomfortable stuff is good for the soul. Through discomfort comes growth.


Where do you see gay male social activity going in the 21st Century?

I suppose it depends if we’re able to nip some of the negative social stuff I just mentioned in the bud or not! I hope to see more fluidity in gay men, in terms of sexuality and gender expression, and not to let politics get too much in the way of our ability to have a good time together. I think that gay men have been pioneers in so many ways for, I don’t know, forever! I’d hate to see that come to a halt during such an important time

How do you seduce a man? How do you like to be seduced?

For me, charm and wit go a really long way. If I toss a line and they swing back, we’re off to a good start, and vice versa.

Where are you from, and how did your upbringing impact how you’ve embraced your sexuality?

I grew up in suburban Los Angeles, in an Armenian American household. Sex was never something openly discussed, but access to pornography was not at all difficult. So that was helpful, of course.

What convinced you to ‘take the plunge’ into porn?

Sexuality was such an enormous part of my studies, and to be honest my life, in general. All of our lives, I think. It informed nearly every piece of what I was uncovering in my studies. So the timing was just right. The offer came, and the more I thought about it, the more it felt like something I needed to do just to complete this journey into my psyche. It came from a desire to explore deeper, and to heal.


What did your friends say when they found out you were doing porn?

You know, different friends had different reactions. Some were confused, some were like, “Fuck, yeah, go for it!” As time went on, perspectives shifted, depending on the person and the circumstances, but most of my close friends know I have my head on my shoulders about it all.

Do you think they watch?

I’m sure some of them do, and why the hell not? Some of my friends make it a point to tell me that they don’t watch, like they’re respecting my privacy, and I’m always like “Well, that’s fine, but if you were in porn, just know that I would definitely watch.” But I guess I’m a perv like that.


How do you create chemistry with scene partners, especially when it doesn’t occur naturally?

To be honest, this happens to many varying degrees, so it really just depends. I usually try to establish some kind of camaraderie with a scene partner, if the attraction is not there. If there really is nothing between us, I almost treat them like they aren’t there. I find these certain go-to memories, and they take me to that place of personal arousal. The rest of it is just acting for the camera. It’s not the ideal situation, but it happens, and I try and make the best of it.

What did you aspire to be when you grew up, and how has that evolved?

The performing arts have always been a passion, as a musician and an actor, and I thought for a long time I would channel that into a career in journalism. Things happen, things change, and while I was able to secure myself a job in entertainment to fund the ability to be a touring musician, things changed in my 30s and I went back to grad school to pursue a career in psychology. I still perform, but the psychology studies more than anything are what led me to porn.


What’s the most important lesson that you’ve learned from scene partners, directors and the industry, in general?

Be nice, always, but also be confident and know your worth. This combination makes everything better.

You’ve worked with some really amazing scene partners! Who are your next fantasy partners?

I’ll answer with a local favorite – I have no idea how the universe has allowed me to be in the industry this long without having shared a scene with Jessie Colter. We even lived in the same city for three years, and only came close once. And it was my fault, for some reason I had to back out of a shoot and we never got paired up again. Silly me.


What’s your take on the current presidential administration’s anti-LGBTQ policies?
Everything is a mess. For the moment, my plan is to stay out of it, pay attention when it matters, share any information I think is vital, vote when I can and, in the meantime, take care of myself and my loved ones, until this whole ass-ache blows over.

Socially, what do you see gay men getting right and wrong with each other?
I think social media interaction has steered some of the ways we connect within the community off-course. Maybe that’s not a gay thing, maybe it’s just the time we are living in, but it’s bled into our community and how we address issues that affect us.

The people who are aware of it do a pretty good job of being kind and inclusive to all LGBTQ folk in real-time social interactions, but there’s still a long way to go for most.


How does your practice address the sex-shaming that is so prevalent among gay men, including bi/G4P-phobia and bottom stigma?

Every case is unique to the person presenting it. I can direct you to a few links in which I’ve been able to write about this stuff online, but I’d rather keep client issues private.

Returning to your personal life, what does a man have to do or be to get your romantic attention/consider him LTR material, if you’re even interested?

I will admit, this is a bit of a soft spot at the moment, as I am currently transitioning out of something long-term. So it’s kind of hard to say. I’d like to say that emotional maturity is something I look for in a man, but that’s kind of bullshit, because I tend to be attracted to man-children. I love charm. I love sparks of youthful, playful energy. But oftentimes, that does not result in long-term success. If I could find someone who blends those two dichotomies, and is competently polyamory-minded, then I’d be open to seeing where that goes.


What are some of the barriers or obstacles in erotica or gay sex that you want to challenge?

That’s a tough one. I guess I’ll answer this way: If there’s anything I feel I’ve been actively trying to encourage about gay sex lately is to drop the idea of “top” and “bottom” as nouns, and instead use them as verbs. I don’t understand this need we have to label and identify ourselves. “Are you top or bottom?” is a question that is guaranteed to make me cringe.  I like to top, and I like to bottom, depending on the chemistry between me and my partner, or partners. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes the other, and sometimes it’s both.

Is Adam Ramzi a work in progress? Are you still evolving? What’s next?

Everyone is a work in progress, always, until the end.  I recognize this now more than ever, and I encourage everyone to be aware of this and embrace it, so as not to be tripped up by our flaws and our triggers. We as queer men will do better when we accept our vulnerable side and use it for good, and I learn that lesson again and again.


Just look at how far he’s come…

And he’s got WAYS to go!!!

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