Glenn Soukesian: Back To Basics

Wielding a mic in one hand and the blueprint for “how to be a successful silver fox” in the other, recording artist/actor Glenn Sousekian is a true testament to the power of relentless ambition. Las Malas Palabras caught up with the artist formerly known as Colton Ford to talk his latest release, his (possible?) return to the silver screen, and of course, claiming back his given name as a person and an artist.

Angel Cruz: pasión latina

Impredecible, caliente y muy energético. Ángel Cruz, oriundo de Cali y convertido en un símbolo sexual de la pornografía internacional, visita Guatemala el viernes 18 de mayo en el famoso club Black, con un show de sexo en vivo.

Billy Santoro, fully oinked

International erotica superstar Billy Santoro (@billysantoroxxx) is undoubtedly one of the most desired men in the world of gay porn and has been active for years, with the same success as when he burst onto the industry. He talks and talks. Here.