The Lives & Times of Nick Capra

Nick Capra’s life has fumbled between ecstasy and decadence for decades. The Iconic gay porn star is now a 44 year old who’s fighting for life and happiness. This daddy knows best and survived the worst. Exclusive interview.

His own words: Logan Six

Newcomer Logan Six loves being nude. He thinks over the past few years it’s been something he’s become more comfortable with, both with himself and others. I love his body, and it feels good to see him nude. Get to know the new otter on the block!

Logan Moore, the most beautiful gay in the world

Dutch gay porn star Logan Moore says as an LGBTI adult entertainer, you have to come out twice. The multi-award-winning actor said he came out to his parents when he was 15. He then had to come out to them again when he was 27, but this time as an adult entertainer.

Billy Santoro, fully oinked

International erotica superstar Billy Santoro (@billysantoroxxx) is undoubtedly one of the most desired men in the world of gay porn and has been active for years, with the same success as when he burst onto the industry. He talks and talks. Here.

Skyy Knox: Bottom Hungry

Watching him climax is to experience it yourself: Skyy Knox is a very dirty and kinky hunk. He’s loud, open, thirsty… always ready for cock, cum and man muscle pressed against him… Grabby winner for best newcomer in 2017: he fucking deserved it!!!

Hollywood y el ‘efecto Weinstein’: un año después

Algo pasó en Hollywood. Las mujeres han dado un paso al frente dispuestas a no ser partícipes de un sistema que hasta ahora daba la espalda a los casos de abusos sexuales. Llegó el turno de #MeToo, que pretende reforzar el papel de la mujer dentro y fuera de la industria.